How professional nursing codes influence the way nurses provide care?

Write an essay (introduction, body, conclusion) on how professional nursing codes influence the way nurses provide care to their patients. Headings can be used to break up key discussion points

1. Include in the discussion explanation on how codes help reduce a patient’s risk of experiencing harm and adverse events.

2. Include in the discussion an explanation of the professional requirements (relevant codes and core competencies) that govern nurses in Hong Kong.

3. Use peer-reviewed, contemporary and scholarly articles written on the topic and includes these as support for the argument

Attached file is the Professional Nursing Code of Hong Kong and the marking scheme.

The client would like to discuss how professional boundaries and informed consent influence nursing practice. The essay should discuss two areas, one is professional boundary, and one is informed consent.

The Hong Kong code of nursing states that nurses foster the trust that is inherent in the privileged relationship between nurses and their clients. To achieve this,
‘Nurses maintain clear professional boundaries between themselves and their clients or clients’ families’. This is under the aspect of ‘nurses and the Profession’.

Next, the code also points out that nurses should safeguard individual’s right to self-determination, one of the examples is to obtain informed consent from patients before treatment. This is under the aspect of ‘nurses and the people’.

This needs to focus on general nursing, examples can be used from any area. The client has provided examples;

If the nurse gets too close with patients, the patients may feel psychologically uncomfortable. This would make the patient will move away from the nurses, or treatment, making them less active in the treatment plan. On the other hand, some nurses may perceive boundary issues as threatening and, as a result, move toward under-involvement with patients. This may be demonstrated by distancing oneself from the assigned patient or showing disinterest in the patient. In such cases, it’s important to be aware that boundaries may be violated by any act of omission or commission that negatively impacts the limits of a professional relationship.(The writer does not need to use this example).