NUR 513 Research health care legislation that is being considered in your state

NUR 513 Research health care legislation that is being considered in your state

NUR 513 Research health care legislation that is being considered in your state

My APA skill levels have improved compared to the beginning of the class. In the past eight weeks, I have learned several critical elements that make up the APA formatting style. I feel more prepared to effectively use APA in my assignments and projects throughout the program. Currently, the APA usability has not been very complex; however, I look forward to implementing elements such as long quotations, which incorporate quotes, publication years, and page numbers. I would love proper organization for all my assignments and projects, which would be efficiently achieved using the APA formatting style. Once understood, the APA writing style is easy to use and guarantees order in a learning or research setting. 

     As I progress through the program, I anticipate increasing my knowledge and use of APA, particularly where several elements must be incorporated. For large projects, several header levels are, for instance, mandatory to keep a good flow and organization. Thus, I anticipate utilizing all listed APA elements. I look forward to increasing my understanding by referencing other critical and print sources, such as electronic sources like periodicals, online news articles, and audiovisual media. Also, citing figures, tables, and power presentations are critical to enhancing knowledge and familiarity with the APA format. Another essential and rarely used element of the APA that I would like to explore is citing non-print sources such as interviews, conference presentations, and personal communication. Besides, I am ready to incorporate any modifications, given that APA styles have changed over time. The current APA edition is the seventh.


Reviewing the last eight weeks, I feel more confident in using the APA format in my assignments. In addition, I learned some valuable resources to ensure that I follow the correct formatting rules, specifically around the reference page and in-text citations. Furthermore, I use the APA template for my papers will help organize the paper. Finally, there are many great resources available to follow in the GCU portal and refer to for questions related to APA formatting. I will continue to develop my understanding and use of the APA format as I progress through the program writing more papers and utilizing different sources. 

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Currently, the New York State Legislature is considering several bills impacting healthcare delivery in the state. One bill, A2358, would create a new Office of the Patient Advocate within the Department of Health to help patients navigate the healthcare system and ensure they receive high-quality care (Woolf, 2022). The proposed legislation would also set maximum ratios for different units, meaning that nurses would have a clearer idea of how many patients they would be responsible for at any given time. This could lead to improved patient care, as nurses would have more time to spend with each individual. It could also help to reduce nurse burnout, as nurses would not be spread so thinly. Another key issue being considered is mandatory overtime. The legislation would end the practice of requiring nurses to work beyond their scheduled shift if insufficient staff members are unavailable. This would provide much-needed relief for nurses who are often forced to work long hours, and it could help to improve patient safety by ensuring that nurses are well rested and not working excessive hours (Bourgault, 2022). These are just some ways the proposed healthcare legislation could impact nursing in New York State. As the debate continues, it will be interesting to see which pieces of legislation are ultimately passed and what effect they will have on nursing practice.

As a nurse in New York, it is essential to stay updated on the latest healthcare legislation that is being considered by lawmakers (Brown et al., 2022). This legislation would allow me to have one compact license valid in all participating states. This would make it easier for me to practice in multiple states and could lead to increased job opportunities. Moreover, advocating for the healthcare profession is essential to ensuring that quality care is available to patients. In my future practice, I see myself potentially becoming involved in political advocacy to ensure that the healthcare profession has a strong voice in the political arena. There are many ways in which I could become involved, such as working with local or state representatives to promote legislation that supports the healthcare profession or working with national organizations to develop public policy initiatives. Regardless of the specific role I play, I believe that it is essential for me to use my platform as a healthcare provider to help shape the conversation around healthcare reform and advocate for policies that will improve patient care.


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In California, Assembly Bill 890 (AB 890) Nurse Practitioner, scope of practice is one of the more recent bills passed. This was initially proposed during the pandemic when there was a shortage of physicians. With the passage of AB 890, Nurse Practitioners may be able to practice independently once certain provisions have been met. A nurse practitioner must first complete the transition to practice by practicing under one or more physicians for 3 full-time equivalent years of practice or 4600 hours. In order for nurse practitioners to expand their practice outside of those settings, the nurse practitioner must practice within the limits of their knowledge, experience, and certification in good standing for at least another 3 years after completion of the initial 3 years of transition to practice. The California Board of Nursing is expected to implement AB 890 on or before January 1, 2023 (California Board of Nursing, 2022).

Another related bill is SB 1375 which will increase access to affordable, quality abortion care and reproductive health services in California. It clarifies existing laws so that trained and experienced nurse practitioners can provide this critically needed care without physician supervision. With the shortage of primary care physicians in California, especially in the Latino, Black, and Native American communities, over 40% of the counties do not have clinics that provide abortion (California Association for Nurse Practitioners, 2022).

In my current role, I am actively involved in political advocacy that may affect our profession, our practice, and our patients. I have been through a number of propositions that may have adversely affected our dialysis population and I have been actively involved in advocating for or against these propositions. I see myself more actively involved in this in the future as well.


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Under Section 464.0123, F.S., advanced practice registered nurses shall engage in independent practice only in a manner that meets the General Standard of Practice. The General Standard of Practice shall be that standard of practice, care, skill, and treatment which, in light of all relevant surrounding circumstances, is recognized as acceptable and appropriate by reasonably prudent, similarly situated, educated, and licensed Advanced Practice Registered Nurses( FBN, 2021) As a result, qualified nurse practitioners can get licensed for autonomous practice and set up their practices without the need for physician supervision. In addition, political advocacy encourages and supports all nurses to become engaged in the policy and legislative process to improve the health status of our communities and the practice and working environments of nurses. Finally, it helps develop and maintain a communication, education, and information resources network. It promotes and supports health policy agendas that benefit health policy, legislation, scope of practice, patient advocacy, quality outcomes, and work environment safety.

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