NUR 513 Imagine the following scenario: You are taking the evidence-based practice course and one of your classmates shares an EBP project draft with you

NUR 513 Imagine the following scenario: You are taking the evidence-based practice course and one of your classmates shares an EBP project draft with you

NUR 513 Imagine the following scenario: You are taking the evidence-based practice course and one of your classmates shares an EBP project draft with you

In reviewing the study materials I learned how to better search for articles utilizing the different filters. I had already been narrowing down the publication dates and utilizing the full text option, but I learned more about how to find a peer reviewed source, using Boolean operators better, and additional special interest filters such as evidence based practice. Knowing how to locate resources more efficiently will help me throughout my program because I will not waste time trying to find what is needed for an assignment. 

I also learned that I am more comfortable with APA format after taking the quiz. I was confident in answering questions related to APA format including citing different kinds of sources. APA does work together with research skills and library resources when writing a paper. If these skills are learned early, it really helps focus on the paper content and writing the assignment instead of losing time searching for what is needed and referring to APA guidelines frequently. 

I have learned several things this week, with a new concept being the use of the CRAAP tool to evaluate study resources. I initially understood the significance of having current sources but had little knowledge of other evaluation criteria like authority. According to NJIT (n.d.), th tool will help me throughout the program by ensuring that I reference and use high-quality sources. Using credible sources would enhance the quality and accuracy of my research findings. Another critical lesson learned is the significance of different research techniques for various topics and issues. Choosing either quantitative or qualitative articles is a crucial guide in ensuring correct inferences are made.

     APA formatting, research skills, and library sources are crucial for writing a good research paper. The APA formatting is critical for the appropriate organization of a research paper. It ensures that papers are easy to read and comprehend. APA also offers guidelines on source referencing and in-text citations. According to Schwartz (2020), when a piece is cited using the same format, there is a better flow of information and content. This is critical for eliminating plagiarism and acknowledging outside sources. On the other hand, research skills ensure that the appropriate and relevant sources are selected for the topics under discussion. Library sources offer an option of peer-reviewed sources to choose from. A proper search technique often ensures that the most relevant and current articles are available. Due to the perils caused by online information sources, reliable access to credible nursing article databases is critical. Thus, library sources are a good starting point for any research and paper-writing process.


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If I was faced with this kind of situation, I would insist that my classmate do the right thing, even if nobody notices. If the failure to cite sources is due to lack of knowledge in proper citation, I can share the resources available and encourage her to reach out to the professor for guidance. My classmate will be in violation of academic integrity if she fails to correct this mistake. I can explain to my classmate the consequences of academic integrity violation as stated in the University Policy Handbook. Whether it’s intentional or not, inaccurate or inappropriate citation is an example of plagiarism and is therefore considered an academic integrity violation by its definition. If my classmate does not correct this, then my next action will be to report it to my professor. This may sound harsh, however, this is a way to help preserve academic integrity not just for the university but also for the nursing profession.

According to the GCU University Policy Handbook, all students are expected to possess a high standard of conduct and personal integrity. If this violation is left unreported, even if it was known, it would reflect that the person is dishonest. As a university, GCU has stated in the handbook examples of academic integrity violations including the disciplinary sanctions for the violation which may include no credit for the assignment, suspension, or even expulsion from the university. Academic dishonesty undermines the purpose of graduate studies although this may be more common than we think, especially with the nature of the online setting. One of the reasons why I am pursuing a Master’s degree is to expand my knowledge in the field, enhance my critical thinking, analytic ability, time management, develop leadership and discipline, and allow more opportunities for career growth. All of these need to be earned through hard work and integrity to feel an honest sense of achievement.


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Plagiarism can be both intentional and unintentional. Unintentional plagiarism can occur if a student doesn’t properly cite the work that they use to support their own work when it comes to their writing assignments or research. Intentional plagiarism is the opposite. Intentionally copying someone else’s work without giving them credit not only discredits you as a student but as a professional. If I were conversing with the fellow student and they shared with me their work and I noticed that their work was not properly cited I would have a conversation with them about making the corrections as well as guide them to the student Resource Center to support them in properly citing their work and any future work. As a student who is still struggling to properly cite, I wouldn’t feel comfortable in talking to them about making corrections. But I definitely would be comfortable in letting me know that they have to properly cite the information or they can be penalized. If they decide to continue to submit the work knowing that their work was not properly cited I would then have to have a conversation with the professor because now that I know that the work is not cited properly this could possibly put me in jeopardy of being an accomplice. being accused of plagiarism can be detrimental to one’s career and reputation and that is something that is not worth risking. “Plagiarism has been recognized as a violation of academic integrity for centuries and continues to be a prominent issue in nursing education; With the internet age and the access to a wealth of information at one’s fingertips, plagiarism can easily occur among today’s college students” (Carter, Hussey, Forehand, 2019). When it comes to plagiarism, new college students may have a difficult time understanding how it works or how to properly cite borrowed work. Instructors should make sure that they are following up with students to ensure that they are aware of the resources available for students to receive with their writing and work citing. New students should take full advantage of the resources being provided by to school to ensure that they fully understand what plagiarism and how protect their work and reputation.


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The first step is to educate the classmate about the importance of proper citations in our work. Appropriate authorities provide credit to the author of the source used in our work and contribute to the paper’s reliability. Secondly, inform that paraphrasing sources that do not represent your original words or ideas without proper citation or acknowledgment is considered plagiarism. Finally, instruct the classmate to use quotations when you quote directly, paraphrase or summarize, borrow an idea from another source, refer to a point your instructor made and find a reference on the Internet that gives you helpful information (Grand canyon University, 2022).

    It is plagiarizing, intentionally or unintentionally, the words, works, or ideas of others, and representing them as one’s own is considered academic dishonesty. It will lead to lower or failed assignment grades or overall course grades. In addition, academic dishonesty will result in a disciplinary warning, suspension, or expulsion from the university.


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When your classmate says that “no one will notice” or “it is not a big deal” when he does not cite properly or does not include the author’s information on his paper, it is important to understand that this is plagiarism. I will speak to him and make him understand that using others’ ideas and words in our papers without giving credit for their work is plagiarism (American Psychological Association, 2022). Also, try to make him understand how it is important to include authors’ names and give credit for their hard work. I will ask him how you feel if someone steals his ideas and uses them in his assignment? That will make him think and understand his mistake. Also, plagiarism is a violation of academic integrity. Academic integrity represents the core of Grand Canyon university’s values, and it is essential for the student’s success. Each academic policy is shaped by our fundamental values such as honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility (Grand Canyon University, nd). Plagiarism is academic dishonesty, and it can lead to in-class penalties and university-level penalties. It can be lower or failure of assignment grade, or course grade, disciplinary warning, 15-week suspension from the university, two-year expulsion from the university, or reporting student to the office of academics (Grand Canyon University, nd). I hope he will understand the consequences and be aware of the importance of avoiding plagiarism. So, he can correct his mistakes before submitting the assignment. Still, if he does not want to correct it then I would go to further steps to inform the instructor to protect academic integrity. 


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