NUR 2868 Module 7 Assignment Teamwork

NUR 2868 Module 7 Assignment Teamwork
NUR 2868 Module 7 Assignment Teamwork
Think back to your most recent time in the clinical setting
when another discipline (respiratory, physical therapy, nutrition, occupational
therapy) was utilized.
Describe a form of interdisciplinary collaborative care
you’ve seen on your current assigned clinical or work site. Then have a
discussion about the following questions:
Who coordinated that care? What was the nurse’s role in
ascertaining that the care was provided?
NUR 2868 Module 7 Discussion Teamwork
Was the patient’s outcome met? How or why not? What would
you, a novice nurse-leader, have done differently to achieve the patient’s
In this section of the NCLEX-RN examination, you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge and skills of collaboration with interdisciplinary teams in order to:

Identify the need for interdisciplinary conferences
Identify significant information to report to other disciplines (e.g., health care provider, pharmacist, social worker, respiratory therapist)
Review plan of care to ensure continuity across disciplines
Collaborate with healthcare members in other disciplines when providing client care
Serve as a resource person to other staff

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 Interdisciplinary Conferences
Healthcare and the provision of healthcare services are highly complex with a vast number of disciplines or professions that contribute to the total care of the patient. For this reason, interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary, client care conferences are a highly effective way for all these interacting professions and departments to come together in order to discuss and solve complex patient care problems in hopes that this collaboration will lead to high quality outcomes for the patient.
Interdisciplinary, or multidisciplinary, client care conferences also give the registered nurse the opportunity to advocate for the client, to serve as the leader of an interdisciplinary group, to serve as a member of an interdisciplinary group, to enhance the nurse’s commitment to clients and client care, to employ group skills such as negotiation, compromise, conflict resolution, and achieving consensus, and to utilize creative problem solving and decision making skills to achieve desired patient outcomes and goals.
Registered nurses identify patient cases that could potentially benefit from an interdisciplinary client care conference, they plan and arrange for these conferences and they participate in them.
Planning interdisciplinary client care conferences is often challenging. An agenda is developed, information is collected for presentations, healthcare team members are invited, a time, a date and a room is decided upon and the client and significant others are encouraged to attend.
Participating in groups, including an interdisciplinary client care conference, requires preparation; therefore, nurses should be prepared for these meetings. They should have data and information readily accessible to discuss and they should also have some recommendations for future care that may enhance the client’s outcomes of care.
In addition to expressing their own thoughts, nurses should listen attentively to the thoughts and suggestions of others in a respectful manner and also be able to compromise and negotiate the best plan of care for the patient.
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