LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge GCU

LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge GCU

LDR 615 Summary of Current Course Content Knowledge GCU

While I have dabbled in leadership before and am part of the team now, I still find new information at work and throughout this Masters program that feels new which is exciting and nerve-wracking. I am familiar with forces driving organizational development, creating a vision for change, some change models, strategies to implement change and communicating for effective change. This could be in passing at educational work meetings or actually utilizing it in our unit. I am the least educated in dealing with change dynamics, evaluating change initiatives and leading continuous, permanent change. I am hopeful that this course helps launch me into a better skillset as a leader so I am equipped to successfully handle any situation. I presently don’t have any questions at this time but I truly look forward to learning with each of you and watch us become effective leaders!

This class came in at a perfect time because as a new leader, I have emersed myself in informational material that will help mold me into an effective leader. My manager was an ICU assistant manager and has created a great vision for our department. We have spent a great deal of time creating a vision for change.

Dealing with change dynamics is where I lack knowledge. I came into the department with a manager that had just taken over after the unit was managed by the same leader for 35 years. New leadership means change and I am working towards navigating the change dynamic.

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I look forward to discussions on change, strategies for change, and how to influence my team toward the change. Currently, I don’t have many concerns but rather excitement for what will be discovered and learned. 

The objectives that I have some knowledge of are change models, strategies for implementation of change, and APA 7th formatting. The objectives that I have no knowledge of are: specifics on communication during change, dealing with change dynamics, and establishing permanent change. I am really looking forward to learning about these objectives from a higher level perspective, in contrast to only nursing and healthcare applications. I don’t currently have any questions, however know there will be some that arise throughout this course

Following the review of all the course content, some topics seem familiar while others are entirely new for me. In my current role, I have been part of the quality improvement team, so such things as change models and organizational development are very familiar. Leadership and change are very dynamic and no matter how proficient one is on this subject there is always something new to learn and I am looking forward to learning. At this time, I do not have any questions or concerns, I am just excited to learn and obtain as much information as needed to be successful in this course and the entire program.