Reflection Graphic on Three Texts (200 Points) You will then create a graphic that reflects your understanding of leadership and workplace effectiveness as presented in the three texts. You must include elements from all three but should highlight your interpretation of what you found valuable. You cannot use any graphic presented in the texts and must, in fact, be more creative than that. Your graphic may or may not need a written explanation to interpret it. It will almost have to be several pages long in order to cover the information. Remember a graphic is more clip art/symbols than words. Refer to examples of graphic syllabi online to get an idea of what to do. Do not use pictures in your graphic. However, clip art is fine to use but not necessary What: Instead of writing a paper this time you will create a graphic. Professors often do this with a syllabus (research graphic syllabi). Take the most important information and represent it graphically. You should approach this as if you were writing a paper outlining what you want to convey and then thinking how you could do that with images and/or shapes rather than words. Visual literacy is defined as what an image says/conveys without words. Why: You will almost certainly one day work for a boss that wants the short version. Be able to create a graphic does that. Plus, it can be very dramatic and catch peoples attention if done correctly. How: First, you must convey the information asked for. In other words this graphic must cover the key concepts from all three books. It should be colorful and look good on the page/pages. You may need a short paragraph to explain if it is not easily interpreted. It should be more images than words and should not use photographs. The most important thing is to demonstrate the key concepts from all three books. In order to do that you will most definitely need to make this at least three pages long, perhaps longer. Be creative and do NOT use graphics from the texts or the professor.

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