Health Promotion

Please use the patient information provided below for this paper.
This assignment assesses intended course outcome(s)
#4 Use information found in patients’ health histories, genograms, and assessments to formulate an individualized plan of nursing care that focuses on the patient’s individual health promotion and disease prevention needs
Students will use the information found in Tina’s history, physical exam, and problem list to formulate an individualized health promotion and disease prevention plan of care. Recommendations should be evidence-based and from credible sources. The readings in module eight contains some suggested sources for obtaining health and screening recommendations for your patient.
The plan for addressing the health promotion and disease prevention needs for your patient should include:
–          Age, gender and race of patient
–          Education level (health literacy)
–           Access to health care
Insurance/Financial status
–          Is the patient able to afford medications and health diet, and other out-of-pocket expenses?
Screening/Risk Assessment
–          Identified health concerns based on screening assessments and demographic information
–          What is the patients activity level, is the environment where the patient lives safe for activity
–          Nutrition recommendations based on age, race gender and pre-existing medical conditions
–          Activity recommendations
Social Support
–          Support systems, family members, community resources
Health Maintenance
–          Recommended health screening based on age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions
Patient Education:
–          Identified knowledge deficit areas/patient education needs (medication teaching etc).
–          Self-care needs/ Activities of daily living
* The paper should be written and referenced in APA format and be no longer than 4 pages (excluding cover page and references).
Your paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Level 3
Level 2
Level 1

Includes age, race and gender of patient
Missing one data item
Missing 2 or more data items

Insurance/Financial status(10%)
Includes information regarding patient’s insurance status and ability to afford medications and other  out-of-pocket expenses
Missing some information regarding insurance status and ability to pay for medications and other out-of-pocket expenses.
Missing information regarding the patients insurance status, ability to pay of medications and other out-of-pocket expenses

Screening /risk assessment(10%)
Identifies health concerns based on screening assessments and demographic information.
Missing some information regarding health concerns, by excluding information from screening assessments and demographics
Health concerns are not identified due to information missing from screening assessments and demographics

Completely asses patient’s nutrition and activity levels and makes recommendations based on age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions
Missing some information regarding the patients nutrition and activity levels, make recommendations based on age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions
Most of the information regarding the patient’s nutrition and activity levels are missing, recommendations are missing or not based on the patient’s age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions

Social support(10%)
Identifies support systems such as family members and community resources
Missing some information regarding support systems such as family members and/or community resources
Little to no information regarding social support

Health Maintenance(20%)
Overall health maintenance recommendations made based on age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions
Missing some recommendations, mostly based on age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions
Missing many recommendations, loosely related to age, race, gender and pre-existing medical conditions

Patient Education(20%)
Identified knowledge deficit areas/patient education needs including self-care needs and activities of daily living
Missing one or more areas of knowledge deficit/patient education needs including self-care and activities of daily living
Lacks identification of knowledge deficit areas/patient education needs. Does not consider self-care needs or activities of daily living.

Organization, spelling and grammar, APA(5%)
Organized, easy to read, no spelling or grammar mistakes, appropriate use of APA
Organized and easy to read, few spelling or grammar mistakes, few errors in APA
Disorganized, difficult to read, many spelling and grammar errors mistakes. Does not use APA

Overall score
Points( 0-23)

Health History

Student Documentation
Model Documentation

Identifying Data & ReliabilityTina Jones is a 28 year old African american female AOX4. Pt is reliable historian
Ms. Jones is a pleasant, 28-year-old African American single woman who presents for a pre-employment physical. She is the primary source of the history. Ms. Jones offers information freely and without contradiction. Speech is clear and coherent. She maintains eye contact throughout the interview.

General SurveyAlert and oriented X4. Feels tired because she was just coming from her other job.
Ms. Jones is alert and oriented, seated upright on the examination table, and is in no apparent distress. She is well-nourished, well-developed, and dressed appropriately with good hygiene.

Reason for VisitPresenting to shadow health hospital clinic for a complete health assessment for a pre-employment physical.
“I came in because I’m required to have a recent physical exam for the health insurance at my new job.”

History of Present IllnessTina Jones is a 28year old African America female with a history of diabetes and Asthma presenting to get a complete health assessment for a pre-employment physical.
Ms. Jones reports that she recently obtained employment at Smith, Stevens, Stewart, Silver & Company. She needs to obtain a pre-employment physical prior to initiating employment. Today she denies any acute concerns. Her last healthcare visit was 4 months ago, when she received her annual gynecological exam at Shadow Health General Clinic. Ms. Jones states that the gynecologist diagnosed her with polycystic ovarian syndrome and prescribed oral contraceptives at that visit, which she is tolerating well. She has type 2 diabetes, which she is controlling with diet, exercise, and metformin, which she just started 5 months ago. She has no medication side effects at this time. She states that she feels healthy, is taking better care of herself than in the past, and is looking forward to beginning the new job.

MedicationsMetformin 850mg twice daily Yaz birth control daily in the morning Flovent MDI twice daily proventil 90mcg/spray 2 puffs as needed for wheezing
• Fluticasone propionate, 110 mcg 2 puffs BID (last use: this morning) • Metformin, 850 mg PO BID (last use: this morning) • Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol PO QD (last use: this morning) • Albuterol 90 mcg/spray MDI 2 puffs Q4H prn (last use: three months ago) • Acetaminophen 500-1000 mg PO prn (headaches) • Ibuprofen 600 mg PO TID prn (menstrual cramps: last taken 6 weeks ago)

AllergiesPenicillin- Rash, hives cats- sneezing, itchy watery eyes, asthma exacebation No Known food allergies No latex allergies
• Penicillin: rash • Denies food and latex allergies • Allergic to cats and dust. When she is exposed to allergens she states that she has runny nose, itchy and swollen eyes, and increased asthma symptoms.

Medical HistoryAsthma- diagnosed at age 2 1/2 Diabetes Type 2 – diagnosed at 24 was on metformin but stopped due to side effects
Asthma diagnosed at age 2 1/2. She uses her albuterol inhaler when she is around cats. Her last asthma exacerbation was three months ago, which she resolved with her inhaler. She was last hospitalized for asthma in high school. Never intubated. Type 2 diabetes, diagnosed at age 24. She began metformin 5 months ago and initially had some gastrointestinal side effects which have since dissipated. She monitors her blood sugar once daily in the morning with average readings being around 90. She has a history of hypertension which normalized when she initiated diet and exercise. No surgeries. OB/GYN: Menarche, age 11. First sexual encounter at age 18, sex with men, identifies as heterosexual. Never pregnant. Last menstrual period 2 weeks ago. Diagnosed with PCOS four months ago. For the past four months (after initiating Yaz) cycles regular (every 4 weeks) with moderate bleeding lasting 5 days. Has new male relationship, sexual contact not initiated. She plans to use condoms with sexual activity. Tested negative for HIV/AIDS and STIs four months ago.

Health MaintenanceHas been eating healthy and trying to stay active by walking 30-40 mins two times per week and also swimming once a week
Last Pap smear 4 months ago. Last eye exam three months ago. Last dental exam five months ago. PPD (negative)

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