Occasionally, maybe in movies, history books, novels, or plays, you might have probably encountered the term “Black Death.” Of course, it brings to mind the pain, grim memories, and suffering in ancient times. Talk of chaotic mass graves, madness-allover, and devastation in the medieval city, there were many catastrophic effects of the Black Death.Not even modern science has unearthed the casualties of the Black Death epidemic. However, there are claims and anecdotal evidence to suggest that it killed nearly twice as many people like those who lost their lives to World War II.Could there at least be positive consequences you may ask? Well, maybe this list of Black Death essay topics will tell us more. If you come across bubonic plague essay topics, they are the same thing. However, for now; be our guest. In a few minutes as we take you through different categories of Black Death, essay topics.What is the Black Death?The Black Death was an epidemic that killed upward of one-third of the population of Europe between 1346 and 1353 (more on proportional mortality below). The Black Death was the Great Plague of 1665, which by some estimates killed fifteen to twenty percent of the population in certain locales.Surprisingly, the medieval European social-demographic system rebounded from the Black Death. A common misconception is that black refers to skin discolorations accompanying the disease. However, Black is meant in the metaphorical sense of terrible. It is what we know as “pestilence,” in modern times.If you are confused about the best Black Death essay thesis, find out more about Black Death by reading:Sample black death essaySample Black Death book review of Black Death: The book is The Black Death, 1346–1353: The complete history by Ole J. Benedictow.Our writers can also help you come up with a Black Death thesis statement that will catch the eyes of your professor. Talk to us.Cause and Effects Topics on the Bubonic PlagueThe impacts of the Black Death in the emancipation of the European counties post the pandemic period.The main effects of the bubonic plague in ChinaThe causes and effects of the Black DeathThe role of Black Death in Protestant Reformation, a cause and consequences analysisDid the pandemics during medieval times affect the genes of EuropeansMyths surrounding the Black DeathImpacts of Black Death on Western CivilizationBlack Death and ReligionThe economic consequences of the Black DeathHow black death affected FeudalismImpacts of Black Death on societySocial Responses to the Black DeathHow black death affected familiesThe consequences of the Black Death on international relationsDid the Black Death lead to the strengthening of medical research?The consequences of the bubonic plague on the European Export marketBlack Death as the genesis of the end of the Middle AgesImpacts of the Black Death on the Industrial RevolutionCultural and Spiritual consequences of the Black Death in the late Middle AgesFactors that led to the spread of the Black Death in EuropeThe genesis of the Black DeathThe impacts of Black Deaths on Disease Control and Emergency ManagementThe impacts of the Black Death on immigrationCompare and Contrast Black Death TopicsCan Black Death be equated to Ebola or Coronavirus outbreak?Compare the management of the bubonic plague and a devastating international communicable disease outbreak (Zika Virus, Ebola, Coronavirus…etc.)Compare the impacts of the Black Death on urban and rural populationsCompare and contrast pneumonic plague and the bubonic plagueCompare the position of the Catholic and Protestant churches pre-and post-bubonic plagueCompare and contrast the perception of the Black Death among different culturesCompare and contrast modern and medieval definition and control of the bubonic plagueCompare and contrast black death and smallpoxHow were the Great Plague and Black Death Similar?Black Death Vs. Ebola outbreakJustinian plague vs. Bubonic PlagueExpository Topics on Black Death/Bubonic PlagueBlack Death in LondonBlack Death in IndiaWhat caused the Black Death?Life during the Black DeathReligious effects of Black deathHow Black Death inspired artBlack death and its impact on agriculture and architectureHow the black death changed medicineHow did the Black Plague end?What were the perceptions of people on the Black Death?Bulbous PlaguePositive impacts of Black DeathSocial effects of Black DeathBubonic Plague in New YorkHow the Black Death affected TradeWas Black Death a hemorrhagic fever?Black Death and the Magna CartaSepticemic plague and treatment approachesHow the Black Death response changed Emergency Response by nationsEtiology of the Black DeathWhite Penitents movement during the 17th-century pandemicsQuarantine strategies used by Medieval cities during the Black PlagueDoes bubonic plague pose danger to modern society?Hypotheses of the Medieval people on the cause of Black DeathSymptoms and progression of the Black DeathWhy Black Death stoppedIs the black plague the first biological weapon?Main victims of persecutions during the pandemicsOrigins of the names Great Plague and Black DeathThe image of a plague doctor in modern pop cultureFlagellants and the interpretation of Black DeathHow Medieval Europe could have managed the bubonic plagueItalian cities’ response to the Black PlagueBlack Death and SlaveryCultural effects of the Black PlagueEnglish and Literature Topics on Black DeathInfluence of black death on medieval literatureCanterbury tales of the black deathThe Influence of the Black Death on Medieval Literature and LanguageAnalysis of Science, Alchemy, and the Great Plague of London by Scott ShellyThe symbolism used in the painting “Plague” by Arnold Böcklin.Analysis of The Black Death poem by Matthew HenningFamous Black Death PaintingsBlack Death and Renaissance beliefs on deathBlack Death artifactsFamous poems about PlaguesGuillaume de Machaut’s Poem Jugement dou and Black DeathImportant Books the Document the Black DeathThe Plague Pamphlets of Thomas Dekker By Thomas Dekker; F. P. WilsonPlagues, Healers, and Patients in Early Modern Europe by Eamon, WilliamHunting the Double Helix: How DNA Is Solving Puzzles of the Past by Anna MeyerThe Black Death in Egypt and England: A Comparative Study by Stuart J. BorschThe Later Middle Ages, 1272-1485 by George HolmesPlantagenet England, 1225-1360 by Michael PrestwichThe Story of Rats: Their Impact on Us, and Our Impact on Them by S. Anthony BarnettThe Black Death: An Essay on Traumatic Change by Atlas, JerroldPlague Bug Wasn’t All That Fierce: DNA Analysis Suggests Living Conditions Fed Black Death by Bascom, NickWhat a Pest: Why the Black Death Still Won’t Die by Anthes EmilyHistorical Dictionary of Late Medieval England, 1272-1485 by Ronald H. Fritze and William B. RobisonThe Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever: Ole J. Benedictow Describes How He Calculated That the Black Death Killed 50 Million People in the 14th Century, or 60 percent of Europe’s Entire Population by Benedictow, Ole JThe Prospect of Global History by James Belich; John Darwin; Margret Frenz; Chris WickhamEvents That Changed Great Britain, from 1066 to 1714 by Frank W. Thackeray; John E. FindlingScience, Alchemy, and the Great Plague of London by Scott ShelleyThe Decameron by Giovanni BoccaccioDeath and the Pearl Maiden: Plague, Poetry, England by David K. ColeyThe Black Death by Rosemay HorroxEncyclopedia of the Black Death, Volume 1, by Joseph Patrick ByrneParting Shot!There you have it; these are some of the most common Black Death essay topics. However, we have twisted them around wittingly to help you write the best outlines for your term papers, thesis, research papers, and short essays on Black Death. If you have gone through the list and you feel like it is too much grim to write a paper on, we can help. 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