The srong model of Advanced Practice’ applied to a workplace setting Many ofthe issues surrounding the introduction of advanced nursing positions have resulted from the ‘ad hoc’ implementation of poorly defined new roles receiving inconsistent professional and organizational support. Chang,A.M., Gardner, G., Duffield, C. 8. Ramis, M. (23%1g1)1/;_%anced practice nursing role development: factor analysis of a modified role delineation tool. Journal of Adv anced Nursing, 68(6), EIEEIIEJ University of Southern Queensland Assi nment brief: While the Strong Model of Advanced Practice (1994) was developed some time ago it still has relevance within rural and remote area practice as well as other practice contexts. Using the Strong Model (1994) supplied as a framework, discuss and critically evaluate the statement by Chang, Gardner, Duffield and Ramis (2011) within the context of rural and/or remote area nursing practice aqplying the following steps: a. Provide a clear and concise escription o your community and their problems,the context of your practice and your professional preparation for the delivery of advanced practice and Primary Health Care in that context and situation. b. Conduct an analysis and evaluation ofthe Strong Model (1994) discussing how well this model does or does not fit the reality of your practice context. c. Respond to the question ‘How well isthe client/patientvoice heard in the Strong Model?’ d. Analyse and discuss the statement by Chang, Gardner, Duffield and Ramis (2011) and the relevance (or not) ofthe issues outline in relation to your practice context. e. Summarise yourwork by providing recommendations for changesthat could be implemented to improve advanced practice nurses within your practice context. Please ensure that you substantiate your discussions with referencesto the relevant literature using the APAreferencin styles. Include a brief introduction and conclusion (175-100 words each). You may use heading to guide your work if you wish. It is suggested that in preparation forthis assignment you pay attention to Module 2 and consider all of the issues raised throu houtthe course. Include a copy ofthe Ngarking Guide EIEEIE BANPSOO1 – Introduction to rural and remote nursing practice ANP 5001 Written Assignment 2 Marking Guidelines EIiiIEIiiIECriteria 1 Academic Style Poor academic presentation. Numerous spelling and grammatical errors sufficient to detract from the overall clarity of expression. The introduction and/or conclusion are not adequate. Well below or above the required word limit. Errors in spellindg and grammarthat affect clarity of expression in some sections. lntroduction an /or conclusion need refinement. Word count satisfactory. Some spelling and grammatical errors noted but overall clarity of expression satisfactory. lntroduction and/or conclusion need refinement. Word count satisfactory. Sound academic structure and presentation. Very few spelling or grammatical errors noted. Introduction and conclusion soundly written. Word count satisfactory. Ahigh standard of academic presentation in all areas. The introduction and conclusion are well structured. Word count satisfactory. Criteria Referencing Very limited use of literature. Literature used lacks relevance to context. Literature used inappropriately (overuse of direct quotes and paraphrasing). ln text referencing and/or reference list absent orvery inaccurate. Limite use or relevant literature to support discussion points. Significant referencing errors noted throughout the work. Reference list errors noted. Evidence of use of relevant literature butfurther synthesis needed to support discussion points. Some referencing errors noted but all sources are acknowledged. Sound use of relevant literature to support discussion points. One ortwo minor referencing errors noted. All sources acknowledged. Ahigh standard of use of relevant literature to support discussion points. Demonstrates a sound abilityto synthesise material. All sources acknowledged correctly.