In college, writing different types of essays is almost mandatory. If you are a college student undertaking any course, you will have a 100% chance to write an essay. For English Language and social science students, the chances of writing a satire or satirical essay are high. While writing a satire essay might be somewhat complex, finding the right satire topics can be challenging.The two aspects: selecting a good topic and writing, while coming in hand by hand, have made students shed tears of submitting underdone essays.We have a list of satirical essay topics and some essay tips to get you going. However, if our list does not inspire your creativity or are still confused after reading this, you have to try even harder.Even the masters of satire ever lived did not succeed the first time they attempted. If you have an urgent deadline and need a model paper, our quick essay writers who are gurus in writing custom satire essays have these pieces of advice for you.What is a Satire Essay?Satire refers to using a mix of irony and humor to criticize the stupidity, vices, or actions of others in sociopolitical contexts. As such, a satire essay presents facts about a given topic in a comical way.It is the most exciting essay you can ever write as it allows you to mix your wisdom with creativity and humor/irony.As you write a satirical essay, your aim should be to provide facts to your reader while at the same time entertaining your audience sarcastically. This means that while you present your perspective or opinion over a given subject matter, you should share your perspective but include some personal spin to work.Satire essays have to be thought-provoking, fun, and educating at the same time. So, a satire essay is an essay that provides information on a nominated topic but with irony.Satire Essays Examples around usExamples of satire are found in comic strips, newspapers, and cartoon programs. Examples of the best satire essays ever written in history include:Mark Twain’s At the FuneralWhen I was a witch by Charlotte Perkins GilmanAdvice to Youth by Mark TwainA Modest proposal by Jonathan SmithAnimal Farm George OrwellNineteen Eighty-Four by George OrwellCandide by VoltaireThe Sellout by Paul BeattyAmerican Psycho by Bret Easton EllisBrave New World by Aldous Huxley.Boomsday by Christopher BuckleyWhen you read these examples of satire in world literature, you will realize that the authors were making fun of foolish human conduct. The authors employ the use of irony and sarcasm to achieve the right effects.Today, there are movies, advertisements, poems, songs, and books that are satirical essays. For instance, when Childish Gambino sang This is America song, it presented how things are on the ground while adding humor and irony. Other satire songs include I Wanna go Back to Dixie by Tom Lehrer, Democratic Hit Parade by Capitol Steps, So long, Mom by Tom Lehrer, National Brotherhood Week by Tom Lehrer, Rant by Bo Burnham, Art is Dead by Bo Burnham, and Crematorium Song by Enoch Kent.Artists use satire to criticize the status quo, mostly relating to social, economic, and political pressures. Some of the satire techniques include exaggeration, incongruity, reversal, and parody.Having internalized what satirical essays are, it is now time to dive into how to write one.How to write an outstanding A+ Grade Satire Essay Read the essay prompt. Reading the essay prompt allows you to internalize the aspects required in your essay. It also helps you limit the scope of the paper and select a great satire essay topic. Search the web for classic satire examples. To get satirical essay ideas, you need to read essays written by masters of satire. Look at how they present ideas and articulate issues in their essays. After reading the samples, come up with your preferred satirical essay writing approach and ace it as it should. As you read the samples, also reflect on your life. Drawing parallels with your life and your readers can also be a great starting point. Also, consider the reality around you; it can help you develop great ideas for your satire essay. Select a good satirical topic for your essay. As you advance in preparing your satire essay, think about the best topic. A topic is only great if it meets the requirements of the rubric or essay prompt. This is the most critical step, which you should take your time. To produce the best satirical essay, select a topic that interests you, is emerging, is controversial, and can allow you to add humor without offending anyone. As you brainstorm, determine whether the topic can allow you to present a humorous analysis. Finally, select a topic that people can relate to. As you select the topics, go for something funny as the discussion a topic that cannot be presented ironically will be flat. But there is always a way to twist even the tough topics into satirical topics.Think about your audience. As you commence your writing process, consider the type of audience you are addressing. The audience defines your tone, choice of words, presentation of facts, presentation of personal views, and everything about your satire essay. If you are writing a satire essay for a professor, it has to have a formal feel but with some humor stuffed in it. The quality of your argument, in this case, must be top-notch. Set the scope of your essay. With your audience in mind, determine how to present facts. Set the goals for your satire essay, which should be to make your audience entertained, elated, or surprised by the alternative ways of looking at an issue. Let it have your perspective. Writing this type of essay requires some personal touch. You are allowed to use the voice of first-person, being that you are the narrator. While you take the personal stance, be sure to use sarcasm, hyperbole, and metaphors to make your point. Draft, plan, and then write. Every great essay was once an idea on paper. As you brainstorm ideas, plan for the essay structure, including the introduction, hook, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Write your essay step by step and ensure that each paragraph bears a single point. Where necessary, support claims in your essay with evidence from scholarly sources. Use sarcasm, hyperbole, and mature grammar. A good satire essay has figurative language that is deliberately used to create humor. Create phrases that overstate a particular point and exaggerate it so much that it is emphasized in the essay. Here is an exampleDonald Trump’s anger with the media can set the Amazon ablaze. Of course, the anger cannot do that but using hyperbole portrays the anger as deep. As you write the essay, ensure that your grammar is also on point. You can also use sarcasm by mocking situations to show how intelligent and vibrant you are as the author. Make it fun to read through. As you write your satire essay assignment, let it be easy to follow. Make it fun to read. Having a good essay hook at the start of the essay can make a difference between an engaged or disengaged audience. Begin with the body, then the conclusion and introductions last. You cannot introduce or conclude what you do not have. Developing the body paragraphs in your satire essay gives you an edge in writing a compelling introduction with an essay hook, thesis statement, and background. It also helps you write a summary of the entire essay in your conclusion. Proofread and edit before submitting. Man is always biased when doing anything, so you need to take some time off after writing the essay—cooldown and take on another personality of an editor and proofreader. Read the essay aloud to yourself and correct the mistakes. You can also ask for editing and proofreading help from professionals or your friends/ family.200 Plus categorized Satire Essay Topics and Ideas in Every SubjectVeganism and eating meatIs it wrong to eat swine meat?Big brands’ role in stopping animal testingPoverty is not just a problem in developing worlds.Does the presence of war mean the absence of peace?Is corruption depriving the citizens of the best the society has to offer?Should we champion universal health care?It is time to legalize medical marijuana.Marijuana supports the economies.Marijuana is the next gold or oil.In the contemporary world, is euthanasia relevant?Is obesity a global pandemic?Is Covid-19 a lesson to the globe on pandemic control?Talking about cyberbullying help solve the problem halfwayGun control talk is overrated.Interracial marriages could be the solution to racism.Countries should consider investing in border walls.Did aliens build the Egyptian pyramids?Freedom of speech – a privilege or necessity?All people should vote to make their voices heard.Are electoral colleges necessary in America?Russia and America as Top AlliesAddressing racism can be done right at the screens – at Hollywood.Media plays a significant role in governance.Brexit could be good for Britain.China is the source of the global Covid-19 Pandemic.Was Covid-19 a deliberate scientific strategy or just a natural selection mechanism?Leadership in North Korea and Growth in the NationCollege degrees are a waste of time.High school proms should be abolished.Schools should embrace diversity.The color of their skin defines no human.No human is superior to another.A college education is significant but not necessary.Dropping out of college can be an avenue for creativity and growth.School boards should get abolished.Paying college athletes motivates talent development.Social media plays a significant role in students’ lives.Parents and teachers can utilize technology to mold children.Social media helps students build social lives.Can one excel in school without studying?Why are there more teen moms today?How to convince someone that you are telling the truthOther precious things to do other than studiesIs freedom of speech overrated in the digital era?Will computers eventually conquer the world?Can electric cars make the world cleaner?Dodge landing in a stable relationshipWhy Americans like TrumpObama was the best president in the world.Is war necessary in the Middle East?Google saves more lives daily.Improving the environment through a change of behavior and attitude towards itWomen make better athletes.Women are better political leaders.Impacts of Brexit and Covid-19 on BritsThe role of banks in money launderingThe airlines as a channel for human traffickingSchool is overratedSuccess is an overrated concept.Is the right to vote necessary for prisoners?How Trump used social media to secure the top seatThe media as a political propaganda toolIs democracy overrated a term for developing countries?Labor unions do less for the workers.Who built the Egyptian Pyramids?Communists and the Capitalist SystemsAnimals, too, have rights.Robots are better than humans in the workplace.Role of musicians in fighting pandemicsPresidents are above the law.Illegal migration can be curbed through strict migration laws.Is Facebook a better governance tool than TwitterPoliticians are born natural lairs.The ozone layer protects us all.Pets can make the best of friends.Social media platforms as ripe places to make friendsBullying affects new students more.Sports unite people from diverse backgrounds.Soccer breeds hooliganismGraffiti art in the streets keeps creative youths busy.Do the rich have problems?Benefits of time managementCycling improves the environment.Celebrities are just like anyone.Social media is a great platform for branding.Medicare and Medicaid are best for Americans.Fox News and Trump are EnemiesCountries should have border walls.War is sometimes good for some economies.Being homeless is not a bad idea after all.A stranger’s advice can sometimes be the best.Stay at home; dads make the best dads.Global warming is a huge joke.Working smart without struggling hardThe internet changed the world.Pastors are sinners too.Expensive weddings lead to divorces.Plastic surgery is only good is necessary.Covid-19 is realPregnant women should cycle and swim.Women should breastfeed their babies whenever they feel.Music cures mental health issuesNo cancer is goodThe cure for HIV/AIDS is promising.Customers must never be right.The boss is always right.Slim people also eat a lot.Do lastborn children enjoy life?Being a troublesome human being makes one famous.Gun control talks are just rumors.Our problem begins with believing politicians.What is BREXIT?Should we legalize bang?Should we allow concealed handguns?Should the government ban all heavy assault rifles for private citizens?The death penalty is a dying tradition.The voting age should be lowered.Footballers or Rugby players, who is tougher and fit?Do athletes make good role models?Veganism vs. eating meatShould people eat swine meat?Does true love exist?Marriage is an overrated social concept.If we come together, we can stop corruption.Dubai Police are the best.Technology has leveled the working spaces.First-world problems are blessings in third-world countries.There is no need to stay fit.Censorship is a good effort.Money is the root cause of evil.Money cannot buy happiness.Saving money is a great plan.School dropouts make innovative leaders.Grades define future success in life.Recycling can make a difference.Weddings are overratedThere is no age limit for love.It is time to address cyberbullying.Footballers earn a lot of money for staying fit.History has a place in modern society.The United States has the best army.Downloading many apps might lead to hacking.If the internet disappeared, the world would stop.Making coffee without a coffee machineTik Tok should be used in schools.Zoom changed the workplace.Meeting people from social media on a date.Social media etiquette mattersHow to fail exams through FacebookSteps to avoid internet addictionSelf-driving cars are better.Automatic cars are better compared to manual cars.Smart homes are the future.What would the world look like if poverty was eliminated?Teens can never follow the law.Mars is the future home to man.Women talk more than men.Blockchain can solve the issue of corruption.The zero-waste philosophy is flawed.Cults are everywhereYou can eat a lot and not get obese.Sugar is the root cause of all human diseases.Vaccination should not be compulsory.Sports to have negative effectsBreastfeeding booths should be installed in public.Cancer could be a commercial cash cow for Big Pharma.Reusable toilet paper can save global warming.Brushing our teeth can save the world from global warming.Divorce is more expensive than a wedding.Human evolution has caused problems to the world.Stress-free families live longer.Men cheat more compared to women in a relationship.How to win an argument with a womanDomestic violence affects women.What if we could swap gender and age?How do files get stored on clouds?The American DreamIs today’s democracy a smokescreen for tyranny in some countries?Fast Food equals fast weight.Friendly relationships between Trump and PutinThe People’s Republic of China and the United States of America are great Allies.Child labor helps businesses flourish.Corporate Social responsibility deprives businesses of profits.Media is the best invention in history.Cricket is killing all other types of sports.Do we need to rethink racism in America?Is corporal punishment an effective way to prevent crime?Breaking up over a text message should be criminalized.You are what you eat.Being fashionably late is a myth.Why pineapples in pizzas suckGood grades do not matter anymore.The rich can now go to mass.Working hard and playing hard paysThe nightmares of FOMOMoney is evil, but the church loves it anyway.Visible skin kills in America.Instagram is a utopia for most celebrities.Are influencers aliens in the world of reality?Do hackers do the things regular people do?Do models defecate?Twitter followers and moneyYoutube views as a new currencyInternet addiction – the new drugRobots and human rightsShopping malls as prisons and concentration campsThe romantic relationship between Trump and the MediaPresidents are always right.Canada is a perfect place for immigrants.A multicultural society has no hate.Russia is not America’s enemy; it’s an ally.Social media and disaster managementSocial media as the new prison cellsMore expenditure on wedding, higher chances of divorcePollution can be reduced without recycling.Global warming is not a myth