Importance of Vaccination
The paper is a formal, research paper with a literature review. This is the only place in the curriculum where students write a formal paper, in the style of a publishable article. Do not use the first person “I”; a formal paper is written in the objective third person. Read the editorial page of a major newspaper, or the review the language in the articles that you will use to see this formal style of writing. Imagine yourself writing an article to a group of professional peers, your opinion will never be used. Only peer reviewed journal articles are to be used for the “Review of the Literature”. Internet sources may be used in the “Statement of the Problem”. Use only research journals or professional journals where articles are peer reviewed by an expert panel before publication. If you are unfamiliar with peer reviewed journals, use the Library data base entitled “ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source” and click the boxes entitled “Full Text” and “Peer Revierwed”. You MUST use at least 3 Peer Reviewed articles. Text books are unacceptable sources for the research paper. Part of the exercise is to familiarize students with professional research journals. RESIST USING GOOGLE SCHOLAR!!!! – and summarizing a few abstracts that you find. Google Scholar is the undergraduate go-to place for journals, but as Baccalaureate prepared nurses, it is important that you have actual experience accessing original journals. It just takes 3 clicks of the mouse. Internet sources often provide the epidemiological data (extent of the problem in the U.S. and/or local population, rates etc.) needed for the first section of the paper. Internet sources may also be used as the basis for the content outline (teaching) material. The “Review of the Literature” should reflect the student’s exploration of the research literature focused on the teaching subject matter. Using Internet sources in your Literature Review will significantly reduce the grading of your paper. If writing is a challenge, please seek assistance from the Writing Center in Robinson A114. You can schedule an appointment at Health education teaching opportunities will vary by clinical placement areas. Faculty will make every effort to provide teaching opportunities for students.

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