Read the five articles below that highlight very recent findings within both Google and Facebook that assert the concept of Group think. As you read, consider how information sources like these that you use daily are shaping your thought process. What is Groupthink (Links to an external site.)? It explains what groupthink is, symptoms of groupthink, etc. The Danger of Groupthink (Links to an external site.). This is an interesting opinion piece on how political allegiance can be a form of groupthink. The author asks the reader to consider how many of us are heavily influenced by groups around us. Of Google, Groupthink and the Culture of Decision-Making on PeopleTalk (Links to an external site.) Fired Google Engineer: Gender Memo Was My Response to ‘Group-Think’ on Fortune (Links to an external site.) Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News on Gizmodo (Links to an external site.) Write a one page paper in which you discuss the problems found within both companies on censoring information and opinions. You are to include the following: How does the firing of the Google engineer reflect Groupthink within the company? What are the dangers of censoring content on social media sites like Facebook and Google? Even if you dont agree or like certain information, should it still be allowed to flow freely on media platforms? How does the opinion piece, The Dangers of Groupthink reflect what you have seen or witnessed regarding political allegiance? Finally, how can a student or citizen like yourself maintain the ability to think freely without becoming absorbed into Groupthink? Use examples that show you read and reviewed all required sources. - – – – –

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