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PSY 201 Discussion Structural Stage Theories

PSY 201 Discussion Structural Stage Theories

Based on your readings and the videos provided, what advice would you give new parents/caregivers in order to ensure healthy attachment between infant and parent/caregiver?

DQ2 Stage Theories

Like Piaget and Freud, both Erikson and Kohlberg postulate “stage theories” of development. Do you believe that stage theories accurately reflect the timing and sequence of developmental events? Use examples from the theories of Erikson and Kohlberg to support your answer.

DQ3 Heinz Dilemma

This unit discusses Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development. The “Heinz Dilemma” scenario helps classify an individual’s stage of moral development. How would you respond if faced with this dilemma?

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PSY 201 Discussion Structural Stage Theories

PSY 201 Discussion Structural Stage Theories

Structural stage theories are based on the idea that humans develop through a pattern of distinct stages over time and that these stages can be described based on their distinguishing characteristics. The concept is used in Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, but also in theories of cultural development and in models of spiritual evolution.

In Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, and related models like those of Loevinger and James W. Fowler, stages have a constant order of succession, later stages integrate the achievements of earlier stages, and each is characterized by a particular type of structure of mental processes which is specific to it. The time of appearance may vary to a certain extent depending upon environmental conditions.[1]

In spirituality, stage models developed before Piaget. Influenced by western esotericism, Swami Vivekanda and Sri Aurobindo regarded spiritual development as a process of involution and evolution, in which the Divine descends into the material world, from which it has to be liberated again in a process of growing awareness over multiple lifes. Cultural psychologist Jean Gebser also developed a model of collective human development, which in turn influenced Ken Wilber, together with Aurobindo and others.

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