NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay

NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay
NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay
Assignment: Personal Leadership Philosophies
Leadership is the ability of a person to influence the actions of others to achieve a given goal. To become an astute leader, one requires work and dedication towards continuous self-improvement. Apparently, there is no specific checklist or definite recipe that explains the right way to lead (Serrat, 2018). In essence, everyone has the capability for leadership but not all people exercise their strengths to lead others. Besides, each person has a different perspective on the concept of leadership. In the present article, I purpose to expound on my philosophy of leadership, key strengths, and how to improve on key behaviors to guide on actions in leading others.
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Description of my core values
One of my core values is embedded in the need for continued learning in order to achieve success in all that I do. The value helps to develop competence in the area of practice and to remain updated with current trends in patient care. As a nurse, and using NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay, I have a conviction that one may not be perfect and that
NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay
continuous learning serves as among the ways to remain informed on the best approaches to optimize care to patients. Other core values that I find relevant in my line of professional growth include honesty, integrity, kindness, and perseverance (Speranza & Pierce, 2019). These personal values are consistent with my professional philosophy of leadership as they serve as the driving force in activities I intend to achieve in my line of nursing practice.
A Personal Mission/Vision Statement for NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay

My vision is to be a nurse leader who will inspire and guide others in providing optimal care to patients. My mission is to pursue further studies so that I gain additional knowledge and skills required not only for leadership but also to provide quality health services to patients.
Analysis of my CliftonStrengths Assessment
In the analysis of the CliftonStrength Assessment, I find five themes that readily befits my strengths. They include positivity, arranger, achiever, self-assurance, and strategic (Fraaza & Urban, 2019). As a learner, I choose to remain positive and often cheer up amidst the challenges experienced in acquiring new concepts. Positivity also makes me develop enthusiasm in every activity I undertake. In the theme as an arranger, I find comfort in organizing activity schedules to adhere to the limits of time. The strength of an achiever on the other hand allows me to set priorities to address the pressing needs of learning (Speranza & Pierce, 2019). The approach enables me to accomplish goals within the set time. My self-assurance theme allows me to encourage people that their opinions matter and that they are valuable in supporting a given course of action. The theme improves my ability to observe, listen and respond to concerns of people in relation to given health practices (Serrat, 2018; NURS 6053 Wk 6 Assignment Personal Leadership Philosophies Sample Essay). Finally, my strategic theme enables me to embrace new ways of nursing practice by assessing alternative options of care and choosing the best.
Description of Two Key Behaviors I wish to Strengthen
As a future leader, I believe that self-awareness and confidence will build my ability to influence others. Self-awareness refers to being conscious of my actions, emotions, and thoughts as I relate with others. It also entails having self-control to align one’s behavior with the irrational actions of others (Fraaza & Urban, 2019). I intend to develop my self-awareness to enable me to understand the perception of others so that I do not negatively judge them. On the other hand, I intend to develop self-confidence through continued learning and practice. I believe that competency improves knowledge and confidence in a given area of practice. In other words, learning dispels doubts and therefore it builds trust in undertaking given tasks (Serrat, 2018).
Development Plan on how to improve on the two key behaviors
In order to improve self-awareness, there is a need for further learning for me to remain informed about the latest practices. As such, I hope to strengthen my capacity for self-awareness by enrolling in short courses and attending seminars that offer competencies on the same (Serrat, 2018).
As a way to improve on self-confidence, I will join professional organizations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA) so that I receive mentorship on nursing (Speranza & Pierce, 2019). Besides, the professional organizations provide guidelines for standard nursing practice and therefore eliminate doubt during practice.
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