NURS 6053 Wk 5 Discussion 2 Your Leadership Profile Sample Essay

NURS 6053 Wk 5 Discussion 2 Your Leadership Profile Sample Essay
Becoming an effective leader is not an act achieved overnight; it is the consistent cultivation and development of skills and habits that empowers, encourages, supports, and builds others while one learns and grows (Broome and Marshall, 2021).
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Results from the StrengthsFinder assessment revealed my top five signature themes were Positivity with an upbeat character and vigor while working, Restorative in seeking opportunities to improve oneself
NURS 6053 Wk 5 Discussion 2 Your Leadership Profile Sample Essay
and others, Individualization with bringing different people together to work on projects harmoniously, Developer with supporting and acknowledging small improvements and accomplishments of others, and Relator in identifying with others hopes, concerns, and ambitions (Gullup, 2020)
I possess two core values reflected in the StrengthsFinder assessment: encouragement by recognizing and cultivating others’ potential and positivity. I often precept brand new nurses, and I try to ease pressures in their transitions into real-life nursing by applauding their efforts and achievements and encouraging them. Encouraging new nurses provides intellectual stimulation that helps them participate in problem-solving with critical thinking (Wuerz, 2017; NURS 6053 Wk 5 Discussion 2 Your Leadership Profile Sample Essay).  I exhibit a lot of enthusiasm and positiveness in what I do, always trying to see things from a brighter angle. Positivity helps to lighten one’s spirit (Gullup, 2020). I have noticed that in so many ways, my enthusiastic nature has helped to change the feel of the atmosphere for my colleagues and me, and we have ended up pulling through tedious and rough work shifts with a few giggles and a little less stress.
Also, in NURS 6053 Wk 5 Discussion 2 Your Leadership Profile Sample Essay, being upbeat and bringing things to life are some of my strengths. I love to energize the environment I work in, sometimes by starting engaging conversations that have others provide inputs. I also encourage lasting traditions; for example, before COVID 19, pot-lucks were a tradition in my unit. With rules on safety, social distancing, and masking, pot-lucks and large group gatherings were canceled. For the practice of getting together and sharing not to die off completely, I initiated an Individually Packed Food (IPF) pot-luck, which has become a new accepted tradition in my unit.
Good leaders have to be energetic and have the ability to energize those around them. They should also anticipate change and quickly come up with or assemble a plan to address sudden changes (Laureate Education, 2014).
Based on my StregthsFinder assessment results, I would like to strengthen two characteristics: self-improvement and completing individual tasks. I find that I am not actively productive working alone versus when I work with others. I take more time completing what I have to do and sometimes venture into doing other things, which prolongs the time it takes to complete one task. As much as I am enthusiastic about bringing out the best in others, I would like to improve myself continually, intellectually, mentally, and physically to be a useful role model and leader (Broome and Marshall, 2021)
I must say I am very fortunate to have excellent role models around me, and I have had the opportunity to learn from them and draw from their strengths. Though many factors make a great or outstanding leader, an essential element in becoming a great leader is to continually self-reflect, recognize one’s weaknesses, and strengthen oneself to effectively build and support others.
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signature-theme- My strengths.pdf
I enjoyed reading your post. I agree that leadership skills are not developed overnight. Improving oneself is a never-ending task, there is always something new to learn and enhance. “Building your talents into real strengths requires practice and hard work, much like it does to build physical strengths” (Rath, 2007, p. 19). Transformational leadership is bringing people with different abilities to work together, inspiring each other, and helping each other achieve. I think that in doing so it helps individuals develop skills already learned and individualizing it to one’s own capability. Learning my strengths gives me motivation to enhance them and hope I can motivate my coworkers to do so as well. “People who are valued, encouraged, supported, and provided with the environment and resources to succeed will take initiative and perform creatively and effectively (Broome & Marshall, 2021, p. 186).
I also like to bring positivity to work and I feel that it makes work more enjoyable. Even in rough situations, we can talk and laugh about it later. It helps relieve stress. I find that it also helps to vent when situations get out-of-hand. Sometimes you need a moment to step aside and get all the negativity out. It is great to have coworkers that encourage you to do better and support you. I have had days when I felt less enthusiastic about completing my work, but I have been fortunate to work with coworkers that have helped me grow and learn more about my strengths and weaknesses.
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Peer Response 1
You seem to have great leadership skills already which is wonderful. Our textbook mentioned that characteristics of a leader
include encouragement and support of autonomy as well as a passion for work (Broome & Marshall, 2020). Being a preceptor
helps you practice and improve your skills as a leader. Sherrod, Holland & Battle (2018), stated that characteristics of a preceptor
should include “experience, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, patience, caring, ability to evaluate performance, and
potential for providing effective feedback”. Acting as a preceptor, requires skills of a leader which means you already have
experience in this area. Preceptors play significant roles in helping a organization move toward a vision or goal by motivating
others to change. Rather than instilling fear of reprimand by enforcing policy, preceptors have ability to create change through
influence from building trusting relationships with orientee and others (Sherrod, Holland, Battle, 2018). Utilizing your role as
preceptor can help you enhance your ability to perform as leader in your future practitioner role.
Broome, M., & Marshall, E. S. (2021). Shaping your own leadership journey in Transformational Leadership in Nursing: From expert clinician
     to influential leader (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Springer.
Sherrod, D., Holland, C., & Battle, L. H. (2020). Nurse preceptors: A valuable resource for adapting staff to change. Nursing Management, 51(3),
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