NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE

NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN/APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE

RE: Discussion – Week 9


           Nurses’ have been advocating for patients regarding evidence-based care, communication with health care teams, and safe staffing ratio. Nurses’ influence on health policy protects the quality of care. Nurses have personal views on health care issues and influence health care policies in different ways- NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE. (Arabi, 2014). Many would argue that our current healthcare system needs to change. Moving nurses from being the recipients and implementers of health policy decisions to being leaders with a strong voice in the development or reform of policy will take concerted, strategic effort into the future (Turale S., 2019).
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Insurance companies are allowed to have the final say in what medications are covered and not. A growing number of states are implementing or considering prescription drug affordability review boards
NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE
or commissions to reduce drug spending. Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Ohio enacted this legislation (Morgan, 2021). As APRNs, prescribing the proper medications can be challenging without adding in the insurance aspect. APRNs and RNs must advocate for the patients to legislators for changes to happen. Nurses can use the media as a tool for policy change.
Securing airtime to articulate the needed change can increase awareness to the public. Nurses can get the local government and the local state representative involved to create an urgency for the policy.
APRNs and RNs must understand the current crisis to advocate for changes. Strategic plans are needed to develop increased awareness to the public, interventions, treatment, and recovery. Through policy research, nurses can gain skills to be accepted, respected, and better informed, where it matters, to be recognized as health professionals with policy and advocacy skills (Turale S., 2019).
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Hi K
Thank you for bringing up the ever-increasing drug prices problem, and the fact that insurance companies have the right to decline coverage to some of the high-priced drugs in the free market. I had to dig deeper on the issue and found out that the government does not regulate drug prices through reimbursement agreements.  NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE-according to Gronde et al. (2017), the U.S. government allows drug makers to set their own market prices hoping it will make the competitors to increase the drug availability, and thus lowering the drug prices. Unfortunately, that is not the case, forcing insurance companies to refuse coverages of some therapeutics drugs that people need to survive. It is important for upcoming providers like us to self-educate and research on ways that we can assist patients to have access to affordable and quality drugs.  NPs have an important responsibility to educate patients on drug usages, availability and affordability, available patient’s assistance programs in the community, and by using appropriate prescribing software to eliminate drug errors (Duquesne University, 2020).
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Hi K.,
Thank you for your input about prescription drug affordability. High prescription drug cost is a big issue in the U.S. and needs to change, as you mentioned. According to Custer, ten percent of national health expenditures come from spending on prescription drugs in the United States. America is one of the highest drug-consuming countries in the world. Advanced medical science and education make it possible for drug development in this country, which comes with potential benefits and harm in treating diseases. U.S. Food and Drug states that the history of U.S. regulation on drugs emerged way back in 1848 that led to establishing FDA in 1906 under President Theodore Roosevelt.
Custer says in his article that developing a new drug to market takes time and costs as high as $2.5 billion, so pharmaceutical companies use “dynamic pricing methods to maximize revenue over the life of the patent.” Marketing continues even after the patent expires to keep the high price by an “improvement” through tweaking the chemical composition of drugs.
I agree that this legislation you mentioned needs to be evaluated and changed for the public. Using the media is an excellent idea to help bring this change. Custer emphasizes that we can avoid overpaying for drugs by understanding the brand name and generic drugs of the same therapeutic class. Nurses can also educate themselves and their patients on more cost-effective drug choices.
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Promoting Evaluation
Nurses’ influence on health policy remains a newer concept in nursing. There are many opportunities for nurses to become involved in policymaking and policy enhancement. S.1602 was established to increase the availability of school nurses in school districts, that 20% of students were granted reduced or free lunches. There were many supporting findings, such as in 2017, the National Association of School Nurses reported 39.3% of schools employed a full-time school nurse NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE (Davidson, 2014). Furthermore, national data indicates that between 15-20% of school children have a chronic health condition. Since S.1602 has been introduced, if passed, it will be imperative to evaluate its success in measurable units.
Many times, nurses also have difficulty evaluating evidence-based health care policy. In this particular S.1602- Nurse Act Bill, nurses have the opportunity to show effectiveness by evidence. The success can be measured by the increase of nurses hired and the enhanced health of the students; NURS 6050 Discussion The Role of the RN APRN in Policy Evaluation SAMPLE. Items that should be computed are students’ attendance, classroom time, academic achievement, and health (Congress, 2021). APRNS and nurses can assist with this by being active participants. Practice change occurs when there is an active engagement of nurse leaders (Davidson, 2014). Active engagement is challenging because there is limited time and resources for APRNs to research and practice. A way to increase participation is funding, and S.1602 has allotted a sufficient amount to hire nurses to practice. One additional step would be to fund nurses to gather the data and research the items that should be computed.
Although nurses form the most significant profession of the United States’ healthcare workforce, we lack involvement in health care making and enhancement. Every day is an opportunity to become involved. Search topics that are important to you and take your stance as a health care leader to ignite the implementation and evaluation of policies for the wellness of our communities.
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