Complete the “Sleep/Stress Analysis” assignment.
Submit the assignment by 2359 on Saturday.
Overview: Sleep/Stress Analysis
You will review your Sleep Log, reflecting the types of sleep and the impact of sleep deprivation on health. You’ll conduct a short Sleep Analysis using data from your Sleep Log.
NURS 3335 Module 2 Assignment Sleep/Stress Analysis
Referring to the weekly readings, you will identify which level best describes your own stress.
You will also self-assess your stress levels and personality type using online tools, and analyze the implications of your own typical and atypical stress levels.
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You are encouraged to practice stress-reduction techniques, some of which are described in
your readings. As a healthcare professional, you will often find yourself in stressful situations,
but applying such techniques to yourself will help you teach those skills to your stressed clients.
•             Analyze one’s own sleep patterns.
•             Discuss current research on the negative consequences of sleep deprivation.
•             Describe the physiological, emotional and behavioral responses to stress.
•             Discuss components of stress management.
Sleep Analysis
Average Sleep Time
Use your Sleep Log to calculate your average hours of sleep per day for the week.
State the average below, explaining if and why you included any napping times.
(Total hours of sleep/Number of days)
Highlightthe statement or statements that best describes you most frequently during
your sleep study week:
•             I fought off/ignored a need to sleep.
•             I often feel sleepy during the day (or night if you work nights).
•             I dozed off/fell asleep without meaning to.
•             I needed caffeine or another stimulant drug to stay awake.
•             I had no issues with feeling sleepy other than at bedtime.
Answer the following reflection questions: (2-3 sentences per question)
1.            What are the implications of sleepiness or lack of sleep on your life?
2.            How does feeling tired or sleepy impact your productivity at work or interfere with school, family or exercise activities?
3.            What healthyactions could you take to alleviate sleepiness?
Stress Analysis
Stress Levels
Referring to the article, “Understanding your Stress Levels,” explain which level of stress best explains your typical week. State specific reasons why you place yourself in that level. Explain regular instances in which your stress level either escalates or diminishes.
Dumbleton, T. (2005). Understanding your stress levels [Electronic version]. Retrieved November 2011.
Holmes-Rahe Score
Complete the adaptation of the Holmes-Rahe scale at, and note your score. Then briefly explain what your results mean and examples of implications they may have on your health. If you disagree with the evaluation provided by the instrument, explain why.
Personality Type
Complete this “personality inventory”.
Describe the characteristics of your personality type from the results of the assessment,
and provide examples of why you agree or disagree.
Stress Reduction Technique
Participate in at least one stress reduction technique for the remainder of the course. There is no assignment component to submit and you will not be graded for this, but I hope you try something new and/or allow yourself time to continue in a technique that works for you!

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