Thesis Statement Definition? How long should a Thesis Sentence Be? Why Should an Essay Have a Thesis Statement? Can a Thesis Statement be a question and not a statement?Tips to consider when writing a thesis statement What makes a strong thesis statement?Steps to follow when writing a ThesisThe Types of Thesis StatementsThesis Writing Help Online: Do you need help?In your academic journey as a student, you are bound to write a couple of essays. Besides, writing other academic writings is also expected. As you proceed into your career journey, writing becomes an essential skill. However, without knowing how to write a thesis statement, your writing can be very dull. Therefore, a thesis statement acts as a compass for any of your writing.If you do not understand what a thesis statement is, you could seek help from our custom essay writers. Our professional essay writers offer essay writing help online. Certainly, they can help you carve out the best thesis statement.A thesis statement generated by a thesis statement generator will and cannot be the same as a humanly written thesis statement. Thus, if you need thesis statement examples for a research paper or a thesis statement formula, ask for help from us.Our writers are experienced in writing 3 point thesis statements and can give you an example. As a custom research paper writing company, we can always help with your academic tasks.Thesis Statement Definition?But what is a thesis statement? It is important first to define a thesis statement. Notably, any piece of academic writing you handle or every paper you have the central idea or the main point. Hence, a thesis statement is a one-or-two-sentence statement that condenses the argument or the main idea in your paper.A thesis statement comes in the last part of the introductory paragraph. In sum, it is the compass or a roadmap for your entire essay.How long should a Thesis Sentence Be?As already indicated, a thesis statement should be either one sentence or two sentences long. A good thesis statement should present the topic of your paper. Besides, it should clearly outline your position given the topic.The aim of a thesis statement if for the writer to inform the audience on what the paper is about. Also, it acts as a guide for writing and keeping the focus on the argument.Why Should an Essay Have a Thesis Statement?The thesis statement is meant to:Help you organize the topic sentences in your essay.Facilitate the audience/readers with the central ideas in your essays or research papers.Examine the ideas in the essay.Provide flow to the entire essay.The Purpose of a thesis statement is to help you have a laser-sharp focus on the points. It also helps in the organization of your research paper, term paper, or essay. Notably, even the cause and effect papers have a thesis statement. Hopefully, this answers your question on what is the purpose of a thesis statement.Can a Thesis Statement be a question and not a statement?In any academic writing task, using questions to express the main idea is prohibited. A thesis statement as the name suggests is an argument that you defend in your essay. Therefore, a question in its place would mean you are not sure of what you want your readers to consume.Stick around, there is still more to learn about developing a thesis statement. Notably, this guide is dedicated to the students wondering how to write a good thesis statement.This resource can help you write a good thesis statement. (Links to an external trustable site)Tips to consider when writing a thesis statementFor a successful thesis statement:Do not burry the thesis statement deep in the middle of the introductory paragraph. Neither should it come at the end of your paper.Be very succinct and concise.Avoid using vague words. Come on; it should be a powerful statement that entices your reader.Do not use words such as “, the major point of my essay.” Mostly, thesis statements should flow like normal sentences. However, they only focus on the major argument of the essay.Your thesis statement should not be too general.Make sure the thesis has your position on the argument in question.The thesis statement should also be original.A thesis statement is never cited.The thesis should be your own words.Good writers are those that can craft insightful, original, and memorable thesis statements. A well-constructed thesis statement is a reflection of a good flowing essay and impresses the reader. The thesis statement distinguishes writers with high intelligence.What makes a strong thesis statement?Telling apart a strong thesis from a weak thesis statement is easy. With this, you can easily spot a poor writer. Here are some of the components of a strong thesis statement:It should justify the discussion.A strong thesis expresses the main idea.Should be very specific.Must be information-loaded.It should never be a list.Is not confrontational, combative, or vague.Has a definitive argument.An example of a weak thesis statement: World poverty has many causes and effects.Example of a strong thesis statement:”Poverty is a widespread phenomenon in the global landscape due to political instability, economic hardships, poor education, overpopulation, diseases, and culture. It is linked with moral decay in society, crime, diseases, and poor governance systems.”Check out more examples of the best thesis statements (Links to external site).Steps to follow when writing a ThesisOur definitive article on how to write a thesis statement will be incomplete if we do not explore the steps. When writing a thesis statement:Consider the primary sources to spot interest, tension, controversy, complications, or controversy.Write the draft or your original thesis.Think logically and critically through the thesis statement.Revise the original thesis and include some of the compellingKeep the thesis prominent in the introductory paragraph.Anticipate counterarguments to refine the essay further.Do not use questions when writing a thesis statement. A thesis statement is never a question. This is a rule of thumb for all academic essays.In the end, always ask whether the thesis statement passes the “so what?” test.It should also pass the “, how and why?” threshold for thesis statements. That is, your thesis statement should declare your position.In the conclusion of a paper, always restate the thesis. However, it should be re-invented to fit the context of the paper.The Types of Thesis StatementsWhen writing your essays or research papers, there are two major types of thesis statements you will encounter.Evaluation thesis: used when the main argument concerns an object, person, or event.Argumentative thesis: used when the central aim of the essay is to expound on an opinion, policy proposal, analysis, and cause and effect statement.In this regard, there are different classifications of thesis statements:Compare and contrast thesis statements.Persuasive thesis statements.Analytical thesis statementsExpository thesis statements.Cause and effect thesis statements.Even a profile essay, an expository essay, or a process analysis essay, you name it, should have a thesis statement. In short, a thesis statement is important for academic essay writing. The thesis statement has to be self-explanatory.Thesis Writing Help Online: Do you need help?Even after reading through our tips on how to write a thesis statement, it can be very tasking to do one.In this case, our professional essay writers can help you craft outstanding thesis statements.The expert writers have written a bunch of thesis statements. Thus, they are naturally experienced to write the best thesis statements. It comes subconsciously when they are crafting the best essays. Check out our cheap custom essay writing service for help.