Terrorism has become a menace and a reality that every nation around the world has to confront. As a global problem, terrorism is fought jointly to ensure that the counterterrorism measures bear fruit.Terrorists keep devising creative and ingenious ways further from the suicide bombers to things like bio-weaponry and Cyberterrorism. Today, terrorism agenda is at the center-stage in the discussions within the public, scholarly, and political domains. Religions, countries, ideologists, nations, and continents have suffered conflicts over terrorism.New organized criminal and terrorist groups emerge almost annually. The mushrooming of the terror groups make terrorism a key topic for research papers and essays. If you are studying security studies, criminology, criminal justice, homeland security, and international relations, the chances are that you will write either an essay or a term paper/ research paper on terrorism.There are many trending terrorism topics to write about. In this article, we give you examples of topics to use in your dissertation, speech, thesis, essay, term papers, or research proposals. You will also get insights on the types of terrorism, and the steps to follow to write an excellent terrorism paper.Typology of Terrorism to Feature in Your Research PaperHave you ever wondered what types of terrorism are there or how terrorism is classified? Well, there are various types of terrorism, each defined independently.Single actor terrorismEven though terrorism is a group phenomenon, attacks like those by Anders Behring Brevik in Norway and Mohamed Merah in France proved otherwise. Single-actor terrorism, which also goes by aliases such as lone-wolf terrorism, solo terrorism, and leaderless resistance, only involves one individual. You can find more examples of lone-wolf terrorism online.Criminal terrorismCriminal terrorism entails all the terrorism activities whose perpetrators aim at achieving a criminal profit agenda. It often leads to violence, loss of property, or targets a specific group or business officials. By default, all terrorism activities fall under criminal terrorism.Religious terrorismReligious terrorist groups have a twisted ideological view based on religion. An extremist religious belief always motivates all the actions.Dissent terrorismDissent terrorism targets overthrowing governments or changing the state of political affairs. It entails using terror attacks to enforce a political ideology.State-sponsored tourismYes, governments can initiate and fund terrorism, covertly, to ensure that they get hold of specific agendas. In most conflict-prone countries, state-sponsored terrorism is often an alternative.Quasi terrorismQuasi-terrorists present themselves as real terrorists. They use the same methods and motivations as conventional terrorists. Mostly, they will hold people or businesses and services hostage, sabotage processes, and make threats to attain a specific goal.Political terrorismLike state-sponsored terrorism, civic organizations or candidates to exert their agenda and impose their ideology on the people often fund political terrorism. It could also be against those with a dissenting opinion or belonging to the opposite political factions.We will continue to update the list as we come across different or emerging terrorism trends. As you can conclude from the above definition, terrorism is a complex phenomenon, and so are the countermeasures against terrorism. When writing your terrorism essays or research paper, you ought to have an open mind.When assigned any of the classifications of terrorism, there are a few tips you need to follow to get a full-grade.How to Male your Terrorism Research Paper Great In our research paper made an easy article, we covered some of the steps taken when writing a research paper. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a research paper on terrorism. Even though we know that you can write a research paper on war on terrorism, counterterrorism, or cyber terrorism, we have to remind you some facts to make the writing process seamless.Do not choose any topic; choose a narrow one!Even though your professor might give you a list of research paper topics, rest on a topic judiciously. Your topic of choice for the terrorism essay or research paper should be narrow enough to let you delve deeply into the essentials.Research deeply and keenly.After reading the research paper prompt to get a rough picture of what to include, the next step is to research online or offline to get more insights on the topic. Instead of spending countless times in the library, you can now use the Internet to access nearly every scholarly material. From understanding the different types of terrorism to the motivation of terror groups, you can get information to shape your ideology or point of view.Choose scholarly and reliable sources.A research paper cannot be excellent if it is based on unreliable sources. Therefore, you have to adhere to the rigorous standards of scholarly sources strictly. Go for journals, white papers, government publications, trustworthy news media, books, peer-reviewed papers, and any other source you deem fit. As you choose the sources, remember not to use Wikipedia and Encyclopedia as your references. However, they are a great place to begin your research, especially when building your point of view, which requires more information.Outline the paper.Although obvious, writing an outline helps you create a blueprint for your paper. 99% of our writers create an outline on paper or Word Document before writing the research papers. They indicate that doing so helps structure the research paper, organize ideas and thoughts, and visualize how the reader will get informed.Write the introduction, including the thesis.After drafting the outline, you need to write the introduction to your paper. Your introduction should have a hook, background, rationale for choosing the topic, and the thesis statement. Constructing the best thesis statement allows you to get the readers glued from the onset.Develop your point of view in the body.After reading in-depth, we expect that by now, you have developed or adopted a research-based point of view. You should never be afraid of your research paper bearing your personal opinion; there is a way you can write that indirectly, but make sure you neutralize it to fit the requirements of the rubric. Writing a terrorism research paper is easy in thoughts and tough on paper. Be very careful what you put where in the terrorism essay or research paper.Use strong arguments, supported by facts.One thing that will earn you whole marks or get your research an A, whatever the topic, is having strong and backed arguments. Mainly, the arguments can be reflected in either your topic sentences or the supporting facts. When talking on the topic of terrorism, make your readers convinced by using examples, quotations from sources, and concluding sentences. Do not use any logical fallacies lest you lose your readers.Cite the paper as you write.We maintain that you do the in-text citations as you write the terrorism paper. It helps you do less when editing and proofreading or polishing your research paper on terrorism. If it is in Chicago, MLA, Harvard, or APA, make sure the in-text citations and the end and footnotes are in place.Format your terrorism paper.A terrorism research paper is not complete if it defies the academic writing style conventions. Therefore, it is paramount to have a proper formatting style. From the cover page or title page to the references section, make sure you align with APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago format. Your rubric or prompt will give you information on the type of formatting style to use in your research paper.Edit your terrorism research paper.Finally, after writing your terrorism paper for class, make sure you take some breaks. After the break, you can now edit and proofread your essay. Alternatively, you can use online editing services such as OnlineNursingPapers.net to find an editor. We have writers who can check your essay for grammatical errors, syntax errors, and mechanical errors.Now, that is how you ace your paper on terrorism. Make sure that you choose reliable sources and use them to support the arguments in your paper. If you are wondering how to write an essay on terrorism, the same tips apply as well. Finally, we have given you tips. Now, let us delve into the list of research paper topics for a terrorism paper.Cyber Terrorism Research Paper TopicsRole of Network Forensics in combating cyber terrorismThe implication of increased use of cryptocurrencies by terrorist groupsWhy cyber terrorism is a top-tier risk at the national level globallyImpacts of Ransomware on corporationsCybercrime as an organized international crimeResponse to cyber-attacks: Strategy and approachCriminological impacts of cybercrimeImpacts of cybercrime on the global financial systemCybercrime and electronic banking systemsWar on terrorism research paperThe national consortium for the study of terrorism and responses to terrorismHow many terrorist attacks in 2016Is antivirus alone an effective countermeasure to cyber-attacks?Access controls as a strategy to prevent cyber-attacksCybercrime and Big DataThe use of blockchain to prevent cyber-attacksRole of cryptography in fighting cybercrimeCloud computing and CyberterrorismA multi-pronged approach to address Cyberterrorism through training and professional developmentHow Fintech are becoming targets of cyber terroristsThe motivation behind CyberterrorismRole of cyber forensics in fighting cyber terrorismIntelligence gathering and sharing as a countermeasure for cyber terrorismImpact of Cyber Security Risks on Businesses Cyber Security PoliciesActivism, activism, and CyberterrorismImplications of different laws on prosecuting cyberterroristsCyberspace as a medium that can be used by terroristsGlobal law enforcement on cyber-crimeAgroterrorism, its consequences, and mitigation strategiesThe link between agroterrorism and bioterrorism Blue Balls Theory and Domestic TerrorismThe vulnerability of social engineeringDark web and CyberterrorismImpacts of cryptocurrencies on CyberterrorismRole of computer forensics in preventing CyberterrorismHow Cyberterrorism can impact the Internet of thingsThe use of social networks to recruit cyber terroristsFive levels of cyber threat and vulnerabilityThe role of data governance in preventing cyber-terrorist attacksMultiagency approach to preventing CyberterrorismUse of digital footprints to thwart cyberterroristsCyber hypnotism and cyber vigilantism in fighting cybercrimeInternational Terrorism Research Paper TopicsTerrorism happens on a global scale. Given the connectedness of different parts of the globe, thanks to globalization, the impacts of terrorism in one state can spill over to others. Here are some thoughtful global terrorism topics:Impacts of terrorism and extremism on emerging marketsThe future of terrorism in a globalized societyRole of governments in combating global terrorismThe impacts of immigration in Europe on terrorismThe sociology and psychology of terrorismCan strict immigration policies solve the threat of terrorism?Understanding the funding mechanisms of global terror cellsPost-911 strategies to combat terrorism in AmericaRole of homeland security in preventing terrorismThe use of the vulnerable and children to do terrorist actsThe representation of terrorism in the international mediaHow terrorist recruit and radicalize the recruitsThe annex between terrorism and political instability in the Middle EastBioterrorismTreaties against bioterrorismDifferences between Political and Non-political terrorism actsRole of the United States in fighting Global terrorThe role of the FBI and CIA in combating global terrorThe impacts of travel advisories on terrorism attacksRole of Interpol in counterterrorismDeconstructing the role of blackmailing on terrorismNuclear terrorism and its threat to global peaceUnderstanding terrorism cellsThe purpose of social media on terrorist recruitmentA comparison of the link between global terror groupsEvaluating the counterterrorism strategies and policiesNational terrorism prevention strategies in the USARole of international organizations in preventing terrorismThe connection between terrorism, drug trafficking, and human traffickingTerrorism and arms traffickingJihadism and terrorism: Demystifying the EssentialsMethods of countering radicalization of the youthsHuman rights violations during terrorist attacksCan terror suspects released from prison be reintegrated into the societyRole of racism and discrimination on terrorismCommunity policing and terrorismUnderstanding domestic terrorismHomegrown Terrorism in the UK and USAPorous borders and terrorismRole of the UN Security Council in fighting terrorismThe role of films and movies in promoting terrorismHow the terrorist groups use the mediaAnthropological basis of terrorismHow society should respond to terrorismImpacts of terrorism on air travelImpacts of terrorism on global tradeComparison of impacts of terrorism on France and USAThe entry of Russia and the USA as a creator of today’s terrorismWhy has terrorism increase in the 21st century?Psychological impacts of terrorismCan institutions of global governance address terrorism?The use of chemical weapons by ISIS in SyriaHow the invasion of Libya by the USA led to the rise of terror groupsThe organizational structure of terrorism groupsThe most popular terrorist groups globallyStrategies used by terrorists to radicalize youthsEthical issues in domestic terrorismImpacts of international terrorism on tourismRole of surveillance in combating terrorismRacial profiling in the war against terrorThe role of Osama in 9/11Methods used in interrogating terror suspects by the US soldiers post 9/11Role of ISIS and Al Qaeda on international terrorismHow the rich Middle East nations support terrorist groupsHow terrorist groups benefit from the proceeds of OilThe social process of terrorismModels of terrorismThe role of the Internet on the development of terror groupsThe new strategies used by terroristsThe Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996The role of Middle East governments in funding terrorismCan nations win the global war on terrorism?The use of torture to fight terrorismHistory of terrorismTrends of terrorism in the social media ageHow terrorism created a super-powerful IsraelImpacts of international relations on terrorismMotivations of terrorist groups to attack the USAImpacts of terrorism on children and womenAl Shabaab and Bokoharam as new terrorist groupsThe nexus of international organized crime and terrorismDomestic terrorism in the USAHomegrown Terrorism in the USHistorical roots of domestic terrorismThe role of intelligence sharing in combating terrorismChallenges in multiagency counterterrorism approachesWhy terrorist groups like the MENA regionTerrorism and political violenceIs the Hiroshima Bombing an act of terror?Terrorism and religion Research Paper TopicsThe link between terrorism and religionReligious fundamentalism and terrorismPerceptions of Arab-Americans on being viewed as terroristsHow Muslim Arabs and Muslim Americans are being branded as terroristsRole of religiosity on terrorist group affiliationReligious motivations of terrorist groupsMedia framing and terrorismHow the international media frames Islam and terrorismThe link between Terrorism, Islamophobia, and Anti-SemitismDeconstructing the “Holly terror” ideology.The Implications of Terrorism Motivated by a Religious ImperativeHow extremists use religion as a getaway for terrorismNow, you can spend the whole day, a week, or a month brainstorming on a terrorism topic or war on terror topics for your research paper. 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