It is not wise to start an essay without knowing how to write a strong conclusion for an argumentative essay. While writing an essay conclusion seems easy, it is the most critical part of the essay writing task.Generally, conclusions wind up your discussion in a paper. It is also a chance to restate the thesis statement.Mostly, students would ask whether writing the conclusion is the most challenging part of essay writing.  However, most will agree with us that completing an essay is far much cumbersome than starting it. Sometimes, it is even harder for crafting an essay hook for your essay.In this article, our experts share some nuggets on creating strong conclusions for college essays. Writing a good conclusion to an essay requires mastery of writing skills. Practice writing essay conclusion examples after reading this article for mastery.What is the Purpose of a Conclusion?You are probably wondering why it is important to have a strong conclusion for college papers. Without complexity, a conclusion denotes the end of the paper. It signals the readers/audience that the argumentative essay or piece of writing has come to an end.Sometimes, for the quick readers who do not have time, reading the conclusion gives a summary of the essay or paper. As such, it is easy to lose grades on a good paper with a poor conclusion. Mostly, a conclusion aims to:Impress the readersLevel ground for completing the essayA place to restate the thesis and reinvent it around altogetherDenotes a completed essayRestate the premise of the paperSummarizes the major points of the essayPresent the main ideas in each of the body and introductory paragraphsAddressing opposing viewpoints in the essaysConvincing the readers to choose your viewCall of action for adherence to the recommendations.A conclusion is a chance to tell the readers what you just told them! Agreeably, the number of pages and sentences in the essay will define the length of the conclusionHow to Start a Conclusion of an EssayYou could be wondering how to write a good concluding paragraph. Well, here is a solution. It would be best if you first began by understanding that the conclusion winds up your paper.  In the sentence topic of the conclusion, you should summarize the thesis statement. However, instead of concluding the essay by restating the thesis, reinvent it. It is always good to rephrase the thesis of the essay and give meaningful insights.Remember, when writing the conclusion, do not introduce new ideas not originally in the essay. Moreover, the supporting sentences should be a summary of the content in the body. Still, the topic for each of the body paragraphs must reflect in the conclusion.Before starting your conclusion, always use a unique closing sentence to denote closure. The closing sentence should whet the appetite of the readers to read again. Besides, it should be on a positive note and bring out your key points.Always avoid using cliché words like “, in conclusion”,“ in sum,” “in summary,’ and,“ as in the essay.” Instead, use appropriate and selective wording to lure the readers. Avoid including statistics as they should only be in the body, and well-cited. Also, do not make emotional appeals when starting a conclusion. With this in mind, you now understand how to write a strong conclusion to an argumentative essay.Writing a Strong Conclusion for Research PapersAs stated before, the number of paragraphs dictate the number of sentences of your conclusion. However, a good conclusion should be clear and concise. Ideally, a conclusion has three parts: the introduction sentence, the summary, and the closing sentence. The summary part depends on the number of body paragraphs.Necessarily, each body paragraph should have a sentence that summarizes its main idea. The introductory sentence should always feature the restated thesis. This means, maintaining the meaning of the thesis statement, but using other words (paraphrasing or rephrasing). Remember, no new concepts, just words.A strong conclusion should always have good transition words, which are not clichés. It melts the heart of a professor to read a good and strong conclusion. Need we say the importance of this to you?Get Help With Well-Written Conclusions for Persuasive EssaysA good persuasive, descriptive, or narrative essay needs a strong conclusion. The conclusion is a chance to lay the points bare. Writing an outstanding finishing paragraph commands respect in the face or readers. You need to follow the three-parts of a conclusion to write an effective one.By any chance you come across a conclusion generator, avoid it!A conclusion aims at showcasing your prowess in essay writing. Now that you know how to write a conclusion to an argumentative essay, it does not mean you can write one fast. If you have an essay and need help, contact us. 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