The topic of gun control always sparks divisive rhetoric. Noticeably, the politics of guns continually shift whenever there are mass shootings that draw media attention. Also, true to it, there have been many shootings in schools. Regrettably, even social places and homes have turned out not to be safe as they are sprees for gun-wielding bloodthirsty maniacs.At this point, we can ask ourselves from a policy perspective if the stricter gun control laws have done any better. The fact remains that regulating firearms ownership and use is only but an emotional debate with historical and legal roots. The discussion often comes through the media, political circles, public domain, and class discussions.Gun control is a pressing issue in America. Some questions such as why is the prevalence of mass shootings increasing. What is the right position to take on the matter? How can such issues be prevented in the future? Always come up. Amidst the questions, we have compiled a guide on how to write a great gun control argumentative essay. It could be for or against gun control essay, but no matter the side, let us have ourselves some tricks and tips.Defining Gun ControlThe controversial gun control essay, explores the gun control facts, gun control debate, and features gun control statistics. So, what exactly is gun control? By definition, gun control refers to regulation or laws that define the gun use regime. They include the possession, background checks, modification, use, transfer, classification, carrying, and any matter related to guns either in public or on private property.Most of the countries globally have stricter gun control policies. Consequently, the possession, carrying, and use of guns in such countries by the citizens are limited.Countries like the USA have permissive gun control policies. In this respect, citizens can possess and use guns. The regulation has a colonial history. Besides, it has placed the country at the center stage of the gun control debate, given the rising incidences of mass shootings.Gun ownership in the US is protected under the Second Amendment of the USA Constitution. The hallmark of the gun control debate, therefore, is never a human rights violation but the Second Amendment.Those against gun control and those pro-gun control policies have their reasons. For instance, the proponents of gun control argue that the right as enshrined in the constitution does not limit the proper use of the guns and that restrictions can be placed to safeguard lives henceforth.Some of the pertinent questions you should ask before writing this type of essay include:Why should we have stricter gun control laws?Why do we need gun control laws?Whose mandate is it to argue for good gun laws?Can gun control policies reduce the impacts seen across America?When you reason like that and have adequate answers, there is no doubt that you will write the best gun control essay that might be used by the professor as a class sample. Nevertheless, there is more, read on!Common Types of Gun Control EssaysBefore we delve further, it is only prudent that we cover some of the types of essays that you can be assigned on the controversial topic of gun control. Understanding the type of essay becomes handy when structuring or outlining your essay. Besides, it also helps in the development of thoughts and ideas as well as researching for the essay. Here are some of the common essay types students are requested to submit as gun control essays:Compare and Contrast Essay. You can be requested to compare the similarities and differences between the two gun control policies or stances. You will end up finding an essay comparing gun laws, comparing gun homicide statistics in two states or countries, comparing the implementation of gun control regulations by politicians, and from that, you are expected to make a conclusion and find the connection between issues.Persuasive Essay. Even though there is confusion between persuasive and argumentative essays, there is always a clear distinction. For this essay, you aim to convince the readers to adopt your point of view. You are expected to argue with facts either for or against the gun control policies, for instance. You are also likely to make them see the limitations of adopting your side of the debate. A persuasive gun control essay should be articulate, well supported, and well written to fetch the best grades. When writing a persuasive essay on gun control use ethos, logos, and pathos to convince your audience.Argumentative Essay. In the argumentative gun control essay, you are to offer your opinion through facts and arguments that support it. Your arguments, when presented, should also have a counterargument that details the other side of the debate. You can use the Toulmin argumentation model, Rogerian argumentation model, or classical argumentation.Expository Essay. In this type of essay, your main agenda is to explore the facts and present findings on the chosen topic. For instance, you could focus on the role of government in gun control. You could also expose the truth that gun control laws are negatively influenced by lobbying.Definition Essays. You could stumble upon an essay that requires you to define the Second Amendment, Human Rights, Concealment, gun policies, etc.Cause and Effect Gun Laws Essay. The aim of a cause and effect essay on gun control could be to look at the causal relationship between the facts involved. What are the consequences of weak gun laws? What are the impacts of gun control regulations?Annotated Bibliography. Sometimes, you will be requested by your professor to write an annotated bibliography on gun control after scanning through scholarly literature. Depending on the format: APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago, your annotated bibliography must have the full bibliographic information bolded and in hanging-indent. It should also have your brief description and critical analysis of the source about 150-200 words long.Informative Gun Control Essays. As the name suggests, this is a descriptive essay where you will be expected to expound on the whole issue of gun control. Here, you must lay bare the components of the topic, facts, and statistics. It could be a gun control pros and cons essay, and that is just fine for an informative essay. Sometimes, you can be requested to write about gun control statistics, and you have to provide gun control facts that someone can resonate with even without having been privy with such information before.Therefore, those are the common types of gun control essays. However, from our experience, either gun control argumentative essays for or against gun control are the most common.Steps when Writing a Great Gun Control EssayWe have closely monitored top-quality essays and research papers written by our professional essay writers in the fields of sociology, criminology, criminal justice, political science, English, Education, Healthcare Sciences, Law, Psychology, and Criminal Justice. It is based on the understanding of these realms that we have compiled a gun control essay guide, first of its kind, given its comprehensiveness. This guide deals with everything from topic choice, structuring, concluding and editing the argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, or informative essay on gun control.Therefore, here are the steps or principles to follow when writing a gun control essay:Choose an excellent gun control topicTo determine the topic for your essay, it is always recommended that you analyze the prompt from class. Usually, essays or research papers have a prompt that outlines what is expected in the essay. The topic can be either direct or indirect.Research for Scholarly SourcesAfter coming up with a great gun control essay topic, the second step is to gather information from the scholarly sources online. For gun control essays, you can use credible news channels, government publications, periodicals, legal memos, and peer-reviewed journals.Pick a SideBased on the research and availability of facts, you can choose the side that most appeals to you. It should be one that you can defend using credible facts from scholarly resources. You should choose a side after studying either side of the argument. Make sure you can argue strongly in your chosen side.Create a Thesis StatementAfter picking a side to defend, you can now create a thesis statement for your essay. The thesis statement should either be one or two last lines in the introduction that bares the gist of your essay.Make an OutlineYour outline should help you structure the essay. It will help you determine the topic sentence, supporting facts, and concluding sentences. When developing an outline for the body paragraphs, it should reflect the thesis statement of the bun control essay.Begin writing the first draft of the introduction, body, and the conclusionAfter the outline, develop each paragraph. When our writers are writing, they usually use citation tools such as Citefast, BibMe, and Citethisforme, to ensure consistency in text-citations. The practice also helps maintain and manage all your bibliography online and copy them when you are into the references/bibliography/works cited sections. It also helps maintain citation consistency depending on the citation format or style such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, ASA, among others. If you are writing a pro-gun control essay, ensure your facts are well supported in each paragraph. The same applies to gun control essay.Polish your EssayYour gun control arguments in an essay can only fetch the best grades if you have an essay that has been qualified, edited, and proofread. If you need help with editing and proofreading your essay, we run an essay editing service that can legitimately help you.Are you looking for someone to help you find convincing arguments? You can place an order on our website and get a response to your “write my essay” request within the shortest turnaround time.Get Help with Gun Control Essay!Selecting a Topic for Gun Control EssayAs we surveyed students, we have helped write gun control essays; a common question stood out; what is the best title for gun control essay? If you are writing an anti-gun control essay or a general gun control essay and you are worried about what is the best title, this section is for you.Well, tales have it that the hyena tried many routes, and that is why it limps. You do not want to cover every aspect of gun control in the global arena, do you? Therefore, you must pick a topic that you can build facts on and write a coherent essay.Always go for a topic that reasons with your judgment. Therefore, it should be a topic that interests you. You can only do so by beginning to research the paper given the essay prompt. That way, you are assured of writing satisfactorily.It is also recommended to pick a topic that is widely covered in the news. For instance, when there is a gun control issue in a state or a country, you are most likely to get facts quickly. You could explore concepts that you encounter in your life as well or in the movies. For instance, guns and gangs; youths and gun violence; domestic violence and guns;  mass shootings in public places; guns and terrorism, and maybe how to combat the impacts.Whatever you do, pick a clear side that can be either pro or against strict gun control laws. As you do so, also factor in your audience. For instance, provide statistics, relevant legislation, news reports, and facts when targeting law students and school education experts.Common Argument Points for Pro and Anti Strict Gun LawThe entire gun control debate can have philosophical underpinnings. For instance, when questioning whether gun ownership is a right or a privilege.Proponents of gun control always center their arguments on:Firearm ownership control can reduce the statistics of gun homicides;Most of the people who commit gun violence in the US are those who obtained it regularly as opposed to black market and dealership acquisition of guns;Possession of firearms is to blame for the rising incidences of firearm accidents, domestic violence, gang violence, and mass shootings in America.There is increased youth violence and crime courtesy of gun ownership;Pro-gun control debaters believe that gun laws will change the perception of weapons in the media;Gun laws reduce the entry and use of banned weapons sold in the black market;Gun control makes the government in charge of gun ownership and uses for accountability.The Opponents of stricter gun laws argue that:The laws have little, if any, impact on the violence being experienced in the USA;Strict gun laws lead to legal and mental pressure in the society other than focusing on issues of significance such as the economy;There is always the chance to get illegal firearms which is likely even to get worse;Gun possession is necessary for self-defense;It is imperative to have gun safety training and education compared to strict regulations.Now, whichever gun control argument side you choose, always ensure that it is strong. Do not make it ambiguous, either.Example of strong gun control arguments:American society is deeply ingrained in guns. The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives American citizens rights to bear firearms. Consequently, three in every 10 American adults own a gun.In a recent study in the USA, it emerged that change in gun policies to enforce stricter laws that reduce access to adolescents led to reduced suicide rates by 40%.Notably, strong arguments are well supported by scholarly sources and mention essential facts and statistics.Gun Control Essay TopicsCompare and Contrast Gun Control Essay TopicsCompare the dun deaths in the UK, Germany, and the USA.Compare and contrast Australia and Sweden as examples of recently modified arms control.Compare the conservative and modern liberal views on gun control.Compare the approach to gun control in the US and any developing country.Compare teen gun suicides before and after reforms in America.Compare the development of gun rights and mass shootings in AmericaCompare and contrast stricter gun laws and relaxed gun laws, including their implications.Persuasive Topics on Gun ControlThe impact of gun control on gang violenceCan gun control protect us?How gun control policies can reduce crime and violenceThe role of legislators and police in gun controlWhy the problem is the people and not gun lawsThe evolution of stricter gun laws and why it is time for AmericaThe stance of Locke, Hobbes, and Sandel on gun control laws, does it matter?How gun laws impact the criminal justice systemArgumentative Essay Gun Control TopicsPeople should be allowed to carry concealed guns in public placesGun control laws must be stricterAustralian gun control policies have impacted mass shootingsWe need more stringent gun control policiesCan gun laws fix American gun violence menace?Is it the people or the gun laws?Gun control laws have been effective in NYCGun control has reduced gun deaths in AmericaAmerica is a model country for stricter gun lawsShould there be restrictions when purchasing or acquiring a gun?Can strict gun control laws reduce school shootings?Should teachers be allowed to carry weapons to school and class?Which one is a better, stricter law or gun safety training/education?Conservative approach to gun laws can be effectiveIs there any possibility that new reforms on gun laws can stop mass shootings?The legal age of buying guns should be raised 18 years plusThere should be a restriction to high capacity ammunition magazinesThere should be restricted access to assault weaponsExpository Essay Topics on Gun Laws and Gun ControlStrategies to prevent school shootingsEconomics of gun controlThe role of the National Rifles Association (NRA) in the gun debateUniversal background checksSocial and economic benefits of gun controlAre Bernie Sander’s gun control laws worthwhile?Texas and stricter gun control lawsThe relationship between mental health and mass shootingsThe connection between religion and politics in the gun laws debateThe American gun ownership cultureStrong gun policies, the economy, and the criminal justice systemGun violence incidences in the USA 2010-2019Demographics of Americans and its influence on gun control debateThe role of activists and lobbyists in gun control regulationThe inefficiency of gun control for local communities such as MississippiThe connection between gun laws, crime, gang violence, and mass shootingsDemystifying the gun control debate (gun control, interdiction, community policing, and other strategies)Media bias in shaping the propaganda on gun controlDo criminals obey strict gun laws?The gun control loopholeProcess of gun ownership in the USAGun laws and crime controlThe role of the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) in gun controlForensics and gun control in the USAWriting a decent essay begins with a good topic choice. 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