So what is the first step in writing an informative essay? A professor expects you as a high school or college student to have the answer to that question at your fingertips. That is not always the case though. Since it is a commonly assigned paper in class, many people have divergent opinion on it.Many have argued that either every essay you write in high school, college, or university is a perfect example of an informative article. The premise is that the essays offer more information on a given topic.At this point, let us hit the road straight. If your teacher asked you to write an informative essay as your homework assignment, there are always two things involved. You can either struggle with choosing the informative essay topics or get a cheap online essay writing service to customize an essay for you.As the writing journey can be tough, comes in as a reliable essay helper that teaches you as a student every detail you have to know about creating an outstanding informative essay.In this article, you will learn:Definition and Purpose of an Informative EssayGolden rules when writing Informative EssaysThesis Statement for Informative EssaysInformative Essay OutlineHow to Choose Informative Essay TopicsInformative Essay Topics Definition and Purpose of an Informative EssayTo cut the chase, let us begin by understanding, “what is an informative essay?”An informative essay is a type of a typical academic assignment written by high school, college, and university students. It aims to educate or inform the audience on a given topic, analyze data and present facts, and to elaborate on different terms or theories.For one to create an outstanding informative essay, they must have an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. For this, you necessarily need not be an expert in the chosen topic. Instead, you have to research and understand the facts, and then share with your audience in a carefully crafted essay.Informative essays, just like their name sounds, are meant to teach the readers about new information. They are not an assignment targeting the presentation of opinions.Informative essays must be written to detail, with coherence, and methodologically.For instance, you could be writing about the impacts of democracy on the global peace. To write an essay, you will have to explore what democracy is, then delve into how it affects the world’s peace, and give relevant examples using countries that support democracy like America.Informative essays belong to the expository essay class that also comprises:Cause and effect essaysProfile essayDescriptive essaysCompare and contrast essaysSolution/problem essaysReflective essaySynthesis essayPersuasive essayArgumentative essayProcess essaysGolden Rules for Informative Essay WritingWe can bet that there is no simple guide to writing a great informative essay and outline as detailed as ours online. If you are tasked with writing an informative essay, and you do not know where to start, here are some great steps to follow:Read the Essay Prompt from ClassThe first and most critical step before getting started with an informative essay is to read the essay prompt keenly. Within the prompt, you will acquaint yourself with specific instructions, including formatting requirements, the word count, the number of sources, and the rubric of the essay. Surprisingly, by reading the prompt, you can always narrow down your choice of the topic to write an informative essay on.Choose an Excellent TopicHaving read the prompt, choosing a topic to write an essay on should not be hard. The prompt will set you into motion by letting you adopt a theme for your essay. Choosing a topic is critical as it defines the scope of your essay writing process. Therefore, when brainstorming about the topic to choose, always go for a topic that interests you and one that you can find information on easily. Also, when selecting the topic, focus on the course and consult with the professor to determine the relevance of the chosen topic. As you decide, think about current events, controversial issues, or contentious issues in society. Here is a list of informative speech topics that can as well serve as informative essay topics.Research for Your EssayConventionally, academic writing commences with in-depth and objective research. When writing an informative essay, you are never allowed to present biased information. Such information is an annoyance for informative writing. Therefore, base your arguments on facts and use the information gathered to make a meaningful conclusion for your audience. Another useful, informative writing technique is to use specificity when researching. Given the topic, you can narrow down your search for information to specific idea points. Specificity helps you pick a section and inform the audience authoritatively. Besides, as you research, you should prioritize information. This informative writing technique helps you to categorize information into funnels that feed the thoughts and reasoning of the audience sequentially. Remember to focus on scholarly sources as they add weight to your arguments and conclusions in the paper.Craft the OutlineEven though all essays have a similar structure, there are some minute distinctions for each. Mostly, the structure of an informative essay is just like that of an argumentative essay. When developing an outline for your informative essay, first focus on creating an irresistible informative essay title that will grab the attention of your readers. The title is a window inviting your readers into your world.As they enter the world, you should also have a powerful beginning that is themed with a hook or a grabber. As soon as they leave the hook, they should dive into the background part of the introduction. The background should focus on introducing the purpose of the essay, facts on the topic, and statistics, if necessary.Then, your essay should have a thesis outlined for the introduction. After outlining the intro, focus on the body paragraphs. Selectively choose the topic sentences, supporting facts, and the concluding sentences as well as transitive words.If there are counterarguments on the topic, also be sure to state them. Finally, the conclusion should restate the thesis and summarize the essay. The conclusion should remind the reader of the main issue.Write the First DraftThere is always joy in finally having the opportunity to connect the dots from research to create a great essay. However, all excellent essays ever written began with first drafts. Begin writing the essay from top to bottom as you support your arguments with facts from research. We always advise that you write your essay, as you cite. There are tools such as, Citefast, or BibMe, that can help you manage your in-text citations and bibliography. Ensure that the paragraphs are balanced. Also, each idea should be written in its paragraph to avoid confusion. Remember, unless it is an informative essay about a person and that person is you; do not write in the first person. Also, avoid passive writing unless it is necessary. The active voice always ensures that your essay is up to date. When writing the body, carefully select the topic sentences. Ensure that the topic sentences are followed by facts from research to support the thesis statement. Finally, your concluding sentences must reflect some reasoning on the paragraph and offer a transition to the next paragraph. When composing the body paragraphs, you can adopt the CEE (Claim, Evidence, and Explanation) strategy.Proofread, Edit, and SubmitWriting the first draft is never an assurance that you are done with the essay yet. You need to re-read the entire essay to check for grammar, vocabulary, and coherence. Most of the students prefer having a second opinion on their papers. Therefore, they are likely to seek help from essay editing services. Our custom writing service has experts who will edit your essay to make it a top-grade paper. Other times, you can have your roommate, classmate or friends proofread and edit the essay. The latter is never a guarantee for quality. We strongly advise our professor-equivalent editing services. After receiving the edited, formatted, and qualified informative essay, you can submit it before the deadline and get the best grades.Thesis Statement for Informative EssaysA thesis statement is a critical component of your informative essay as it is the foundation for the entire essay.  The thesis statement can either be a single sentence or two sentences at the end of your first paragraph that reflect the question in the prompt or the main idea given the chosen topic.Never make an informative essay thesis statement basic or too obvious. While it is a road map, avoid phrases like “this essay will.” Instead, focus on writing a sentence that explains the gist of the entire essay. For instance, if you were writing about recycled plastics and environmental conservation, an excellent thesis would read:“Recycling plastics is an assured way of reducing the environmental impacts of plastics as it helps manage the plastic menace choking our oceans.”Given the above thesis statement, the reader already knows that the first paragraph of your informative essay will expound on the plastic pollution menace, give examples of how recycling helps, and the subsequent paragraphs would uniquely build on the ideas.There are many informative essay examples that you can find online and see how carefully and excellent the thesis statements are crafted.Informative Essay OutlineAt this point, many students always wonder, “can I pay someone to write my essay for me, and will they structure my informative essay correctly?” while this is a great question, it depends on whom you hire to write your informative essay. However, you can only judge by assessing the essay. If the essay contains what we are about to discuss as necessary or an informative essay outline, it suffices as a top-grade essay; otherwise, you were played!Universally, an essay must contain (based on the assumption that it is a 5-paragraph essay):Introduction: the introduction presents the facts on the topic, background information, essay hook, and the thesis statement.Three-Body Paragraphs: each body paragraph has one idea or point supported by facts that support the thesis statement.The conclusion: should wrap up the essay and present the significance of the topic to the real world.The IntroductionYour introduction should begin with an essay hook or attention grabber to lure the readers. The informative essay introduction should then feature the background of the topic. In the background, give some statistics, evidence, and facts from research to help the reader place the context of the essay. When writing an informative essay outline, the introduction must feature the thesis statement as well. It can be the last one or two sentences.Body ParagraphsIn your informative paper outline, the body paragraphs seek to defend the thesis statement. As such, each paragraph should be coherent, clear, and constructive. Always begin every paragraph with a topic sentence. When doing so, pick a topic sentence that elaborates on the idea presented and connects to the thesis statement. Ensure that the paragraph has a main point that is supported by facts from outside sources. After the topic sentence, you can use the CCE format to develop the rest of the paragraph. You will make a claim and then support it with facts or evidence from credible sources.ConclusionIf you are wondering how to conclude an informative essay, the conclusion, just like that of other essays, summarizes the entire paper. In conclusion, you must restate the impact of the arguments. You should also restate in a new version of the thesis statement and insights on the topic. As you finish your informative essay, plan to have an overall concluding statement that explains the significance of each argument and the topic.How to Choose Informative Essay TopicsWe strongly emphasize that while choosing a topic is significant, the power to lure the readers at first glance depends on how you title your informative essay. Once you have gathered enough informative essay ideas, the process of coming up with an essay topic should be easy. Are you wondering how to select the best informative essay topic? Be our audience. Here are the steps involved:Brainstorm on ideas for your informative essay. The essay prompt is the best place to begin. It will give you an idea of what the teacher is expecting for the essay.Look for informative essay examples online. Starting with the examples, you can always develop new ideas based on how the points are presented.Reflect on the current affairs, controversial issues, and contentious subjects in the news. The internet gives you a chance to explore nearly every controversial topic that comes up.Choose a topic that interests you. For instance, do not go for a topic on cars if topics on beauty and health impress you. Again, focus on the topics that have information online because you do not want to write a flat paper without supporting facts from scholarly sources – Argh! Professors hate it, and it can get you zero marks and a poor grade altogether.The topic should be in line with your course. Do not be too ambitious to choose a topic that is far outside the scope of the course objectives. Therefore, you have to have some holistic thinking when selecting the topic.Consult with the teacher or professor. Once you select a few topics, you can email the professor to ask whether you can go ahead. This is especially great when you choose a topic outside the provided list.That is that writing an informative essay is not a jail term. If you do not understand how to write the essay or do not feel like writing, you can always buy essays online. The beauty of buying essays online at is that all of them are written from scratch and to your specific and unique instructions.The unique list of 121 Informative Essay TopicsAre you struggling with topics to write an informative essay on? Well, if the answer is yes, you should not anymore, because we have compiled a list of informative essay topics for you.The causes and consequences of the Great DepressionThe impacts of World War I and World War IIThe causes of Global WarmingThe blood minerals of CongoPoverty in ChicagoNeo-slavery in the Arab CountriesWhy Dubai is RichTransformational Leadership ApproachTransactional Leadership ApproachThe Obama careEndangered speciesThe adoption of Fintech by developing countriesThe impacts of fracking on the environmentThe solar systemHuman traffickingPollution in IndiaMedical tourismOrganized crimeArms trafficking globallyMedical use of honeyTreatment of cancerThe process of mammographyHomeless shelter in AmericaDrunk drivingNepotism in HollywoodCauses of World War IThe real estate bubble in the USCyberbullying on social mediaPost-traumatic stress disordersAdaptive games for amputee veteransFamous 21st-century leadersThe rise of Elon Musk and TeslaTypes of natural disastersCommunity policing and crimeCybersecurity issues in the business worldPoverty and Hunger in AmericaGeothermal heating and coolingThe origin of the universeCauses of addictionImpacts of teenage pregnancyMental health stigmatizationThe importance of blood transfusionFilthy languageCauses and consequences of prostitutionLegalization of medical marijuanaGun control lawsEcommerce and future business landscapeBlockchain technologyBitcoins, Cryptocurrencies, and how they affect global tradeOnline gambling addictionOrigin of languageEvolution of global peaceThe fall of the USSRRise of China as a superpowerThe North Korean WarUS-China relationsNanotechnologyThe use of Stem Cell in MedicinePlastic SurgeryCauses and consequences of Anorexia NervosaIllegal ImmigrationGlobal terrorism threatArtificial intelligenceThe Tanning ProcessLottery Success strategyDomestic ViolenceGang ViolenceThe Impeachment of President Donald TrumpThe changing Education SystemThe US Healthcare systemOvercoming peer pressure in collegeThe NHS – Are we ready for the privatization of healthcare?Medicaid and MedicareExtremism curbing strategies in EuropeThe Impacts of Brexit on BusinessesVideo games and violenceHow to prevent superbugs from mutatingThe vegan lifestyleThe UK parliamentThe law-making processThe importance of police officersImportance of reducing the carbon footprintAnimal testing should be bannedIs attending college equals success?Plastic recyclingMicroplastics in OceansOcean pollutionImpacts of digital technology on modern artsRecycling artsStreet arts and expressionThe Second AmendmentThe role of US presidentThe profile of Ronald ReganHow Picasso inspired new artistsCan stress affect our health?Is exercising great off fending off obesity and lifestyle diseases?Impacts of poverty on global peaceTiger woods and his scandalsBill Cosby and Sexual Harassment in HollywoodText driving and accidentsImpacts of mobile phones on healthThe importance of a clear thesis statementHow music censorship worksDrug abuse in prisonsPrivatization of prisonsImpacts of childhood obesityProcess of training a dogAre dogs and cats the best petsImportance of cats at homeKnitting as an essential skill in lifeFolklore in ScotlandThe world’s highest buildingsImpacts of electric vehiclesLobbying and how it holds policies hostageHow to stop cigarette smokingHow to write a CVHow to win an argument with a womanHow to pay for college feesHow to get help with writing essaysImpacts of online educationHow to combat sleep paralysisIf you are wondering about where to get informative essay ideas, our list of unique essay topics can be a starting point. Also, check out our cause and effect essay topics for inspiration. However, our expert writers at can create the best topics for your selection and go-ahead to write the best informative essay for you. If you are struggling with writing an essay, let our professional, fast essay writing service help.RecapAlthough it looks, sounds, and appears simple, most students find writing informative essay tough. In the beginning, you were probably wondering how to write an introduction paragraph for an informative essay, how to write an informative essay outline, and how to write an informative essay. Well, we are sure that even if you are in middle school, high school, college, or university, this guide can make you an informative writing expert.  We have covered some topics to write an informative essay on with the hope that they can spark your creativity or become the next topic for your essay. You do not have to struggle with the question of how you write an informative essay anymore; we have all the answers in the comprehensive guide. We will continuously update it until we have everything you need to ace your informative essays.