Assignments Require PowerPoint Slides?The Definition of a PowerPoint: What is a PowerPoint Presentation?Rules for Creating Attractive PowerPoint PresentationsComponents of a Good PowerPoint PresentationMaking an Attractive PowerPointThesis for a PowerPoint PresentationIncluding Visual Elements in a PowerPoint PresentationHow to Create a PowerPoint Presentation Slide in Microsoft PowerPointGet Help with Creating PPTsThere is no way you can survive college without knowing how to create a PowerPoint presentation. Creating complimentary PowerPoint (PPT) is a requirement by most instructors and professors.Notably, PowerPoint presentations present data and information in visual form. Visual elements such as charts, graphs, tables, mind maps, and images make it easy to remember.While making presentations, either individually or as a group, the instructors seek to assess your communication skills. Besides, PPTs also help understand the extent to which you understand the concepts of the coursework. Are you wondering on “, how to get an A on grade 8 powerpoint?” or “, how to create a powerpoint that impresses the professor?” Well, these set of ideas from our professional essay writers will make you a PPT pro.Which Assignments Require PowerPoint Slides?The beauty of knowing to create a PowerPoint presentation is that you can do combo assignments or homework. There are a few assignments that require creating some slides:Book Reports.Research Proposals.Article Critiques.Movie and Film Reviews.Business and Management ReportsLab Reports.Dissertations and dissertation proposals.Thesis and thesis proposals.Research papers.Research proposals.Term papers.Capstone Projects.Case studies.Therefore, understanding how to make power point presentations attractive can help you.The Definition of a PowerPoint: What is a PowerPoint Presentation?A PowerPoint (PPT) refers to a slideshow that is made using Microsoft Office Software, PowerPoint. This software specifically deals with making presentations and slides. Some other software that has the same use include Google PowerPoint.Rules for Creating Attractive PowerPoint PresentationsWhen creating a PowerPoint, it is important to observe the 10, 20, 30 rule of PowerPoint. The 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint requires that a presentation:Contains not more than 10 slides.Should be less than 20 minutes, andIt should feature fonts above 30 points.Thus, a 20-minute presentation should have a maximum of 10 slides.With the rule, a 10-minute PowerPoint should have 8-10 slides. However, this could vary depending on the complexity of the subject at hand.Another important rule is the 1-6-6 rule (PowerPoint math). This is also known as the 6 by 6 rule of PowerPoint. The idea here is that a PowerPoint should:Have one idea point per single slide.There should be 6 bullet points per each PPT slide.Each PPT slide should have a bullet point that has a maximum of 6 words.A professional PowerPoint slideshow should be 3 to 6 minute long. Alternate the same points for the 7 by 7 and 5 by 5 PowerPoint rule.Components of a Good PowerPoint PresentationWhen learning how to do a PowerPoint presentation for class, you will realize it has these elements:The title slideThe slide header.Brief text.Never too wordy.Good choice of font size and color.Proper Citation.A good PPT slide should have an agenda slide that explains its content. It is an equivalent of the table of content. An effective PowerPoint should also have an introduction slide.It should have appropriate in-text citations, depending on the formatting style requirements. Still, an attractive must have a references slide.These PowerPoint presentation rules and guidelines should help you make the best PPT.Making an Attractive PowerPointHere are the 10 rules of PowerPoint creation:Keep your PPT simple. Mostly consider the landscape orientation.Limit the transitions and animations in your slides.Avoid too much text and bullet points.Choose the right design that fits with the fonts.Use only high-quality graphics and images.Utilize charts with appropriate backgrounds.Apply good color schemes for the PPT slidesImplement the best fonts and font size.Use transition slides.The best PowerPoint presentations follow the PowerPoint presentation rules of thumb.Thesis for a PowerPoint PresentationFundamentally, just like the piece of academic work being presented, PPTs must have a thesis. You can choose to maintain the same thesis as the essay. That is very much okay.In terms of the structure of a college PPT for class, your presentation should take after your academic essay.In some instances, you should come up with captivating thesis statements to reflect the objective of the PowerPoint presentation.Consider doing this for the best PowerPoint presentations:Understand your audience to simplify the thesis statement.Have an existing thesis statement for the presentations to hook your audience.Use images closely related to the content of your slides.Avoid the use of informal language, music, slang, sounds, and memes. Make it official, unless it is an art class PPT.Including Visual Elements in a PowerPoint PresentationWhen creating a PowerPoint presentation, it is good to have some visual elements. At least, one element per slide is recommendable. You can choose to use graphs, tables, images, or charts.It is advisable to choose visual elements that go with the color and theme of the PowerPoint. If the color is different, please make the necessary adjustments.Every slide should have a minimum explanation. If you must be very detailed, use the speaker notes section.Do not compromise the font for more visual images. Instead, limit your verbiage and focus on the attractiveness of your presentations.A number one rule of PowerPoint is to keep is very simple yet elaborate.Open MS PowerPointGo to “, File,” then click on “New.”Choose “, From Design Template,” And press Enter or click OK.Go to slide Design and choose an appropriate design.Select the layout and choose the appropriate layout.There are different prompts on the screen that are self-explanatory.Create the best PPT for class.Get Help with Creating PPTsLearning how to create a PowerPoint presentation is one thing, creating it is another. Therefore, if you do not have the skills you can hire professional academic writers to help.Under this type of academic writing, our paper writing company serves even corporates. 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