In this article, we explore what global warming is and why it should be explored.  In your life as a student, you will be asked to write an essay on the effect of global warming essay. Well, the length of such an essay will depend on the course you are taking. Mostly, English majors are asked to write an essay on global warming and its effects. Make sure you choose the best global warming topic in English for the best grade.Example/Sample of a Good Essay on Global WarmingLike any other essay, a good essay on global warming must have three parts. You will have an introduction to your global warming essay, the body, and then the conclusion of global warming essay. In the body of your effects of global warming essay, you should cover topics related to how to stop global warming essay. You can also address the effects of global warming on the environment and the global warming causes and effects and solutions in your essay.If it is an admission essay you might be asked to write a global warming essay short paragraphs.IntroductionGlobal warming refers to a scientific phenomenon where there is an increase in the average level of temperatures of the earth due to increase in greenhouse gases. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other air pollutants, as well as a hoard of other greenhouse gases, are trapped in the atmosphere. These compounds absorb the sunlight and solar radiation that bounces off the earth surface, a process called the greenhouse effect. Over the last 100 years or so, the temperatures of the earth have been increasing at a steady rate. One of the major causes of global warming has been human or anthropogenic activities.Causes of Global WarmingWhen writing an essay on global warming, you need to completely explore the causes of the problem at hand. Global warming results from the greenhouse effect that causes elevated levels of energy in the atmosphere. Some of the responsible greenhouse gases include methane, ethane, and carbon dioxide. These gases cause the greenhouse effect by trapping rays from the sun and the radiation that bounces from the earth surface.  As the radiation accumulates it causes a significant increase in temperature. Apart from anthropogenic causes, there are also natural causes of global warming.The rotation of the earth around the sun, which varies in intensity, causes the sun to hit the earth at different angles. The rotation causes an increase of temperatures on earth.  Another cause is the eruption of volcanoes which lead to large amounts of heat escaping into the environment. Still, landfills and cracks on the earth surface lead to the increase of methane gas in the atmosphere. Methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas, is responsible for global warming. When compared to carbon dioxide, the impacts of methane gas into the environment are lethal.Global Warming EffectsApart from the natural causes, anthropogenic or human factors are also responsible for climate change that causes global warming. For instance, cattle keeping also releases large amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere.Furthermore, as industries rise across the world to meet the rising demands of consumers, there has been a rush to produce many goods. Most of the goods are produced in industries that burn fossil fuels either directly or indirectly. The radiation from household goods, transport networks, different industries is significant to also contribute to global warming.The same occurs when human activity such as drilling of fossil fuels, oil, and water. These activities lead to the release of methane gas that as discussed above has global warming effects. Another human activity is deforestation. When trees, which serve as carbon sinks, are cut down there is an increase in levels of carbon dioxide.Consequences of Global WarmingThere are different impacts of global warming on the earth surface. Not so long ago, experts in matters climate warned us of the effects of global warming on the world. Currently, there are visible effects across different parts of the world.First off, global warming causes the increase in cases of world fires and drought. As temperatures rise greenhouse gases cause an increase in temperatures. The forest covers remain dry and any contact with fire triggers huge forest fires.  Another effect is increased in respiratory diseases. As greenhouse gases increase, there is also increased pollution that affects air quality. Carbon dioxide and methane react with other gases to form compounds that affect the respiratory system.As the temperatures increase, the glaciers and the snow caps on top of mountains melt. Scientists have reported that the Arctic ice cover is slowly receding. A consequence of such melting is an increase in the levels of water in seas and oceans. There has also been increased precipitation and flooding in places that were formally receiving moderate rain. Also, the cases of tsunamis, cyclones, storms, and hurricanes that lead to devastating effects such as death and loss of property.Global warming results in animals migrating from the equator towards the Polar Regions. With climate change, some of the animals fail to adapt and die. Consequently, they get extinct.The solution to the Problem of Climate Change Experts and policymakers have come up with recommendations to curb the impacts of global warming. Any global warming essay would not be complete without looking at some solution. The first solution is to reduce power consumption. There is an urgent need to purchase energy efficient home appliances, vehicles, and use alternative energy to power factories.It would also be prudent to increase the forest cover. Efforts should be made to reduce deforestation to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide.  It is also worthy to increase awareness of conservation for cleaner and unpolluted earth. Parents need to encourage children to cycle to school.ConclusionThe conclusion of the effect of global warming essay should wind up the paper.Extinction of wildlife, increase in respiratory issues, tsunamis and hurricanes are just but a few impacts of global warming. The impacts of globalization are devastating as discussed in this essay. 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