Please explain and incorporate into the paper each of the objectives (#1 and #2) selected under Core objectives to enable EHRs to support healthcare, and each of the objectives (#1 and #2) selected under Menu objectives that provide flexibility for providers to choose. Core objectives to enable EHRs to support healthcare 1). Create and transmit prescriptions electronically. 2). Maintain an active medication list. Menu objectives that provide flexibility for providers to choose 1). Implement drug formulary checks 2). Use certified EHR technology to provide patient education resources. ***To earn full credit, the paper must include the following components: A. Introduction and overview of the Meaningful Use Program – provide an overview of the Meaningful Use Program. Describe its significance to advanced practice registered nursing and the impact it has on the nursing profession. (1/2 page to 1 page) 1. What is it? 2. When did it originate? Why is it needed? 3. What are the relationships between Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), and e-Personal Health Record (e-PHR) to clinical information systems? 4. What is the significance to the nursing profession, especially to the PCP? B. Discussion and analysis of the Meaningful Use Program (MUP) – describe and analyze the goals and objectives of meaningful use as well as its implications for nurses, nursing, national health policy, patient outcomes, and population health associated with the collection and use of meaningful use core criteria. (1 page) 1. Review the goals and objectives and discuss them. Is this something you see or deal with in your workplace? 2. Discuss the implications is the program effective? Is it affordable? Does it work? Does it really improve quality and efficiency of care? 3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Meaningful Use Program? 4. Support your ideas with evidence-based practice. C. Core Requirements of the Meaningful Use Program – analyze how the core requirements are beneficial for advanced nurses, nursing, monitoring population health, setting national health policies, and/or improvements in patient outcomes or population health. (1 page) 1. Patients discuss impact of Meaningful Use Program on the use of patient reminders, e-Prescribing, electronic access, etc. 2. Providers does Meaningful Use Program assist providers in making more informed decisions, deliver better care, and create greater efficiencies? 3. Nursing does Meaningful Use Program help to prevent duplicate testing, eliminate adverse drug reactions, and enhance provider collaboration? 4. Population health does Meaningful Use Program encourage providers to send data to immunization registries and public health agencies? D. Challenges and recommendations – discuss current challenges with meaningful use seen in practice today and provide recommendations using evidence-based rationale. (1 page) 1. Challenges lack of clear plan, cost, lack of oversight, privacy risks, concerns about sustainability 2. Recommendations realistic, scalable, and flexible starting point for adopting Electronic Health Records, allow reasonable time for robust Electronic Health Records use, ensure adequate training, better communication with physicians and providers E. Conclusion – summarize your findings and conclude by providing insights gained from your analysis. (1/2 page) 1.Do not introduce new concepts 2. Summarize the highlights of your findings 3. Offer your insights 4. A minimum of 4 scholarly resources are required. 5. The paper should be 3-4 pages, not including title and reference pages. 6. Please use current APA format to style the paper and to cite sources. 7. Also, source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. 8. Please use internal citations pointing to evidence in the literature and supporting the ideas. Include a title page and a reference page listing the sources you used.