Shakespearean plays remain relevant to date despite being done about 400 years ago! They reflect the nature of humanity-it rarely changes. A list of essay topics on Macbeth is always up to date. Even with the invasion of technology, contemporary acts and plays, struggles of life, and other stuff, we have an inner liking for Macbeth within us.Macbeth was one of Shakespeare’s tragic plays that leave you yearning for more. Evidently, there are many literary, cinematic, and musical adaptations of themes and ideas from the play. Well, when handling how to write a good essay, the topic choice was among the top recommendations.The play is a masterpiece in its own accord. It brings out the motifs of power relations, greed, obsession, betrayal, and lover, all in one plate. William Shakespeare takes a very dynamic and relevant approach in the play.You might be seeking ideas for Macbeth essay topics. For that reason, we have compiled different topic ideas to whet your appetite when choosing the topics. You can choose one of the topics and create a top-grade essay.Categories of Possible Excellent Essay TopicsMacbeth essay topics are well categorized in this article to make it easy. Mostly, you will find the following types of essays for Macbeth:·       Comparative essay topics for Macbeth – Allows you to compare things from different points of view. Maybe characters, events, or ideas.·       Argumentative essays for Macbeth- You get to defend a given idea or opinion with resilient arguments.·       Uncommon essay topics for Macbeth-helps you take a novel approach to ideas in Macbeth.·       Analytical essay topics for Macbeth- Suitable for analytical essays that analyze issues such as motifs, character, and themes…·       Critical Analysis essay topics for Macbeth, which helps critique ideas and ideologies presented in the piece of literary text.·       Women essays topics for Macbeth, which focuses on gender studies, roles, and the main character Lady Macbeth, a paradoxically cruel yet strong and self-motivated.With this power list of Macbeth essay topics, you will write the best essay. If you have written your essay and needs editing and proofreading, will come in handy. Our professional paper writers can accomplish the most challenging academic tasks on any topic. Meanwhile, have a read on the Macbeth essay topics. We guarantee you that using the topics will give you a good grade.Comparative Essay Topics for Macbeth1.     The destructive nature of ambition is a central theme in Macbeth.  Who has greater ambition –Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? Support your analysis with specific arguments and evidence from the play.2.     Compare and contrast the role of Phantoms in Hamlet and Macbeth.3.     The account of Duncan and Macbeth differs significantly between Macbeth and its primary source, Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Compare the two accounts and discuss the effects of Shakespeare’s changes.4.     Roles of Lady Macbeth in Hamlet and Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, comparative essay.5.     Compare and contrast the role of soliloquies in Macbeth and Hamlet.6.     Main heroes in Macbeth and Richard II, compare and contrast.7.     Role of witches in Macbeth and gods from the Iliad, a comparative essay.8.     Downfalls in Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Macbeth, a compare and contrast essay.9.     Cinematic adaptation and Macbeth, a comparative analysis.Argumentative Macbeth Essay Topics1.     Macbeth was a self-fulfilling prophecy, argue.2.     Is blood a symbol of something else in Macbeth?3.     Justice was not achieved in Macbeth, expound.4.     The technique of Ellison was critical in the success of Macbeth.5.     Are Macduff, Macbeth, and Banquo the same versions of an individual?6.     Who is more responsible for the murder of King Duncan, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?7.     Did the mental deterioration of Macbeth affect the turn of events?8.     The speech by Macbeth on hearing of the death of his wife ran counter to the major themes that are portrayed through the rest of the play.9.     Witches play an important role in Macbeth by introducing the possibility of magic or the supernatural into the plot.10.  It is debatable what factor is most responsible for Macbeth’s tragic downfall.  Choose one of the forces below and analyze why this is most responsible for Macbeth’s downfall:  a)  the witches prophecies  b)  Lady Macbeth  c)  Macbeth himselfMore Argumentative Topics for Macbeth Play11.  Many critics consider Lady Macbeth a stereotypical symbol of evil.  With reference to her character throughout the play, agree or disagree with this statement.12.  Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have gone mad by the end of the play, however, this madness manifests itself in different ways in each character. Choose either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth and analyze their descent into madness.  Identify the root cause of their madness and how this contributes to their downfall.13.  At the beginning of the play, the witches say “fair is foul and foul is fair” which indicates things are unnaturally reversed in the natural world.  Analyze how Macbeth’s actions cause disorder in the natural world throughout the play.  (Ex. animals, weather, social order).14.  The destructive nature of ambition is a central theme in Macbeth.  Who has greater ambition –Macbeth or Lady Macbeth? Support your analysis with specific arguments and evidence from the playTopics on Women Characters1.     Do women characters symbolize the fate of Macbeth?2.     Is Lady Macbeth the evilest character in the Macbeth play?3.     Explore the view on women by Shakespeare in Macbeth4.     Discuss the impacts of the actions of Lady Macbeth of her husband’s actions5.     Explore feminism in Macbeth6.     Why does Lady Macbeth appease the spirits to ‘unsex her’?7.     In Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, is Lady Macbeth the dominant heroine?8.      Is Lady Macbeth more responsible than Macbeth for the murder of King Duncan? Is Lady Macbeth a more evil character than her husband and, if so, why?Essay topics for Critical Macbeth Essays1.     Why can Macbeth not bring himself to pronounce one “Amen” when Duncan’s guards say “God bless us” on their deathbeds (II ii 26-27)? Does this paint a coherent psychological picture? If not, what dramatic purpose does the scene serve?2.     Discuss the dramatic conclusion of Macbeth. The resolution to the problems presented by the later prophecies relies on a play of words. Macduff was not technically “born” of a woman, so to speak, and Birnam Wood only “comes” to Dunsinane Hill in a manner of speaking. For a play as grave as Macbeth, does not such a resolution seem strangely lacking in gravity?3.     Examine Macbeth’s mental deterioration throughout the play.4.     Discuss the use of clothing as a metaphor in Macbeth.5.     Choose two of the minor characters in Macbeth and examine how they contribute to the play’s action.6.     The sleepwalking scene in Act V is one of the most memorable in all of the drama. Relate this scene to the overall play and examine what makes Lady Macbeth’s revelation so provoking.7.     “Illusion versus reality” as it appears in Macbeth8.     The Witches tell Banquo that he will be the father of future kings. How does Banquo react to the prediction throughout the play?More critical Essay Topics1.     Explore the themes of sleep in Macbeth2.     Determinism and free will in the tragedy within Macbeth.3.     Examine the literary devices Shakespeare uses to describe the mental deterioration of Macbeth’s character4.     The contribution  of mythological elements on the plot of Macbeth5.     The symbolism of blood in Macbeth6.     Representation  of the senselessness of life in MacbethPotential topics for a Macbeth Essay1.     Macbeth the character as a good leader2.     Compare the main character in Macbeth to Vladimir Putin3.     Analyze the seven deadly sins in Macbeth4.     Narrative essay on the view of the response of Lady Macbeth when her husband became king5.     If Macbeth were a superhero would he choose a dark side of the force?Sometimes you cannot force your mood into writing essays. These lists of Macbeth essay topics can help you. 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