If we argued that education is the mother of all professions, it would be a fact. It is the birthplace of all the genius people you see in the workplace. As a student undertaking an education degree, you will undoubtedly write essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, reports, or theses on various education topics.This blogpost presents a list of over 200 education topics for essays, research papers, and term papers. You can find interesting compare and contrast education topics, argumentative education topics, and general education topics.Remember, once you’ve selected your essay topics, you need to research thoroughly, develop an outline, and proceed to write your essay. The same applies to any education academic writing task at hand.Well, if you are stuck with an education essay, you can consult with our essay writers, who will write you the best model papers.Now, let us jump straight to the best topics to use in an education assignment.General Education topics to use in an Essay or Research PaperYou can select and develop these essay topics about education in your essay. These are some of the trending, controversial, recent, or most-discussed topics in the realm of education.Our list is not exhaustive; you can send us a message with some educational topics to enrich our readers.Causes of school violence and how to combat itCensorship in educationImpact of multicultural education on diversityCritical thinking is an essential skill for studentsBenefits of sex educationUnderstanding the Bell Curve controversyFree speech on college and campusesComparison of the education system in the U.S and SwedenAustralian Education systemRole of online learning during the COVID-19 periodImpacts of Covid-19 on studentsImpacts of isolation during the lockdown on the mental health of studentsMaintaining health in a blended learning environmentTechnology and remote learningRobotics in the modern classroomUniversal preschool and its impact on children living in povertyImpacts of poverty on school attendance and performanceimpacts of racial discrimination on STEM subject choiceHow to support the mental health of principals and teachersHow to raise Eco-conscious studentsUsing school policies to control cyberbullyingEvolution of higher educationNoncognitive barriers that impeded academic performance among African American makes in elementary and secondary schoolsImpacts of educational discriminationThe perspective of indigenous communities on formal educationPerformance in inclusive classes compared to non-inclusive classesThe use of gamification in classesHow to encourage more girls to pursue STEM subjectsInfluence of social media on academic performance of studentsImpacts of domestic violence on academic performance of studentsQualities of an effective modern teacherAlternative ways of engaging students in the classroomLearning styles for different studentsNon-monetary rewards of advanced educationThe gap between the rich and poor studentsAddressing self-esteem issues among studentsSchools should have a well-equipped health centerThe school-to-prison pipeline conceptSafety of student data in school databasesEvery Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the NCLB policiesHow teachers’ strikes affect studentsStudents should be allowed to question the scientific soundness of evolutionDarwin’s theory of evolution should not be taught in classroomsImportance of school vouchers for low-income studentsRole of school principles in ensuring financial prudence of schoolsRole of school boards on school performanceSignificance of tenure system for teachersDoes infrastructure matter when it comes to school performance?Impacts of social class on education attainmentImpacts of systemic discrimination on education attainmentReflection on the role of technology in educationEducation is vital in the societyTrends in computer literacyImpacts of the digital divide on online learningHomeschool raises knowledgeable studentsPros and cons of day schoolsImportance of career counseling in high schoolBenefits of the flipped classroom approachNegotiating the curriculum to integrate student’s voiceCultural reproduction theory and schoolingSystems thinking and schoolingTeachers should join unionsHow to avoid plagiarismHow to handle a class one hatesImportance of physical education in schoolsEducation in America vs. Saudi ArabiaUse of evidence-based strategies to solve school funding challengesComparing and contrasting DACA and DREAM ActCreating new learning approaches using Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligencesStudents should be taught sex educationAdolescent pregnancies among high school studentsLifelong learningStrategies to promote adult learningClass sizes debate in AustraliaStudents can benefit from virtual communitiesCompanies should be allowed to recruit directly from schoolsRole of textbooks in educationWhy education should be free and accessible to everyoneDefining an education systemHandwriting should be taught in schoolsSignificance of soft skills in academic settingsLeadership should be incorporated into all academic levelsCOVID-19 and school attendanceEducation Topics and Ideas on about Special EducationUnderstanding autistic childrenPractical approaches for students with an auditory processing disorderUnderstanding students with a foreign language learning disabilityAssessment of students with learning disordersPractical strategies for dyslexic studentsEffectiveness of the Reading Recovery programCo-teaching in special education schoolsShould special needs students have their schools?Trauma-informed learning for special education studentsBlended learning approaches for autistic studentsIntegrating technology in the special education classroomsSpecial education vs. inclusive classesImpacts of grade retention on children with learning disabilitiesCooperative learning for children with ADHDHow to build social skills for students with a learning disabilityStrategies to use for twice-exceptional studentsRole of parental support on special educationEducation Leadership TopicsTransformational Leadership for school principalsImpact of collaborative teacher researchImportance of leadership in educationRole of distributed leadership on education qualityImportance of capacity building ins school settingsLeading change in school settingsProfessional development for school principalsJob sharing in the principalshipShared leadership and school successSolving the shortage of school principalsInstructional leadershipCompassionate disciplineUsing leadership to fight racial discrimination in schoolsImpacts of culture on school successPoor leadership and poor results in schoolsUse of social media to develop leadership in schoolsWomen as school leadersElements of good leadership in schoolsQualities of a good school principalHow principals can help students prosperRole of public lectures on student success ratesLeadership and innovation in schoolsLeadership and creativity in higher educationLeadership style and satisfaction of teachersEssay topics about Education SystemsEvery country has an education system that distinguishes it from the rest. The selected education system depends on various national education policies and philosophies. Looking at how education systems work can help educate students to take up the advocate role in championing better policies. Note that the list is also not exhaustive, and we will keep on updating it.Components of a good school curriculumComparison between U.S. education system and the Finland education systemUse of telehealth to attend to students who need mental health services remotelyAre school policies gender-fair?Comparing Japan and Australian Education systemsSchool uniforms in Japanese SchoolsChinese education system vs. Japanese education systemsArgumentative Education Essay TopicsShould bilingualism be encouraged in school settings?Are boarding schools better than day schools?Can online education be blended with traditional class-based education?Online learning encourages laziness and cheatingShould video games be used in education?Are single-sex classes better compared to mixed classes?Should we base assessments on letter grading?Is a college education worth it?How does the decision in Brown vs. board of education affect desegregation in schools in the south during the ten years following the ruling, 1954 to 1964?Does investing in a master’s degree pay off?Is studying for a Ph.D. feasible in the long run?Class size affects the effectiveness of a teacher and student performanceHomeschooling is better than traditional schoolingParents should play an active role in their children’s educationShould students wear school uniforms?Sex education classes should be mandatory for studentsStudents should be taught life skillsThe state should fund higher educationGovernments should be responsible for students studying abroadTeachers should be paid reasonable salariesSchool principles should be held accountable for school performanceTeachers should be armedGamification should be encouraged in educationShould beauty contests be allowed in schools?Students should be regularly subjected to drug testsTrigger warnings should be used in academiaColleges with low graduation rates should be closedColleges with high student loan default rates should not be accreditedColleges with unquestionable practices should be investigatedAre college and university rankings useful?Maker learning should be adopted in AmericaStandardization and Testing stifles innovative learningNanodegrees or digital badges are the way to goFlipped classroom model is effectiveStudents should be exposed to social-emotional learningThe mental health of students mattersBenefits of blended learningEffective methods of disciplining studentsA teacher as a researcherImportance of educational psychology for teachersImportant skills for teachersEffective classroom management approachesHow teachers can promote diversity in classroomsImportance of having a teaching philosophyShould teachers undergo continuous educationAddressing teacher shortages in AmericaImpact of poverty on graduation ratesFamily factors and graduation ratesThe impact of the No Child Left Behind policiesParental involvement and student successObesity among school-going childrenShould students be encouraged to cycle to school?Having LGBTQ facilities in schoolsImpacts of budget cuts on public schoolsPerformance of public vs. private schools in sportsUsing the principles of Genius Hour in classroomsUnderstanding the Genius hour cycleImportance of teaching empathy to studentsIncorporating social-emotional learning in the classroomStudents should be protected from sexual assaultSchool counselors play a significant role in the academic success of studentsStudents should be forgiven loansRobotics and the future of STEMGamification in the classroomCompare and contrast game-based learning and gamificationTeachers should undergo professional development for differentiationHigher education should be freeThe use of social media for learning should be encouragedStudents can also be advocates of change in their schoolsShould elementary students be allowed time for recess?Should cursive writing be taught in schools?Should American students be required to learn second languages?Charter schools are better than public schoolsArmed security guards should man schoolsStudents should be taught survival tactics in schoolsSelf-defense should be taught as lessons in schoolsYear-round education should be discouragedCollege athletes should be paidStudents should be allowed to type notes rather than write notesUniversities should introduce parenting classesPhysical education should be mandatoryStudents should be taught about lifestyle diseases and how to prevent themStudent exchange programs are beneficialGroup work should be encouraged in schoolsShould class attendance affect the final grades?School administrations should regulate the foodstuff students bring to schoolHealthy meals should be encouraged in schoolsSports competitions should be allowed in schoolsProgramming and coding should be taught as introductory courses in schoolsBullying should be banned in schoolsEducation Topics for Dissertation, Research Paper, and EssaysForeign accent and identityReading and adult interaction (Pre-Kindergarten)Pronunciation issues among L2 adult learnersGrammatical sequences in L2 acquisitionMotivation & engagement in L2 acquisition through blended (remote/online & F2F) learning (primary school)“Can you hear me?” How is motivation in Primary School L2 learners impacted through participating in blended learning?Oral language development and the link to social learning outcomes. (Early childhood)Teacher Talk in face-to-face and online L2 learning environmentsThe effect of motivation on L2 learning in a study abroad contextThe effect of Krashen’s Comprehensible Input Method on high school Japanese students’ speaking proficiency and speaking anxiety levelsInvestigating the use of L1 and English- only instruction. Vocabulary acquisition by Chinese EFL learners.The Creative Advantage of Blended LearningL2 reading ability amongst adult learnersMotivation and L2 learning onlineWhat can the experiences of polyglots tell us about SLA?Erroneous or Creative? Language Innovation in Non-Native EnglishL2 adult motivation in Kanji learning and recognition process.Is the acquisition of native-like pronunciation possible in cases where L1 is typologically distant from the target language?Exploring error made by students of Indonesian as a foreign language: Is there a pattern?Genre and L2 learningLearning Strategies – Effect of Alpha brain waves on language acquisition.Motivation amongst native Singaporean English-speaking students in acquiring Standard English.Whether errors are a positive learning process for English speakers learning French both with and without feedback accompanying the error.Does technology assist self-directed L2 learning?How does gender impact the motivation and anxiety of Australian L2 language students?The role of willingness to communicate in the L2 in migrant communities in the Australian contextFeedback in ESL teachingSecond Language Acquisition: The Case of Filipino Migrant WorkersWorld-Readiness Standards for Learning LanguagesThe future of L2 learning outside classroom situationsInvestigating Age in the Use of LI or English-Only Instruction Vocabulary Acquisition by Chinese EFL LearnersThe impact of instruction on L2 learningSelf-efficacy beliefs of L2 adult learners: in relation to Self-regulated learning.What is the correlation between types of feedback and repair?The influence of cultural interests on language studyHow can Japanese bilingual students be motivated to learn Japanese in Australia?Do learners from the same ethnic backgrounds share learning strategy preferences?Foreign accents and learners’ confidence in speaking EnglishEffective Foreign Language Teaching Behaviours and student motivationHow can listening to music benefit a second language acquisition?Combining culture learning and second language learning English Pronunciation in L2How can music be used to improve learner anxiety in the ESL classroom?Flip learning in the L2 classroomOral feedback and its effectiveness in the L2 classroomEffective bilingualism and English language acquisitionHow does the transformation of immigrant teachers’ professional identity impact students’ L2 acquisition in the secondary school context of Canberra?To what extent does typological proximity determine the L2 native-like pronunciation: the case of Australian university freshmen with Chinese and German backgrounds in a standard input setting back in their countries?Learning outcomes of classroom foreign language teaching in comparison with online or alternative methods of deliveryDoes age affect English language acquisition among adult learners in Australia?What is the impact of ESL peer-tutoring on motivation and scientific writing output in first-year university compulsory assigned study program?Learning Phrasal Verbs through Conceptual MetaphorsEffective feedback for L2 students in different classroom settingsOral feedback and its effectiveness for Chinese EFL students in naturalistic and instructional classroom settingsMotivational factors on adult learnersCode-switching in L2 acquisition processKrashen’s Comprehensible Input Method on ESL high school students’ and anxiety around speaking EnglishThe impact of COV-19 on Online ESL Students Speaking. Problems and Strategies. (Jordan, as a Case Study).The reflections of senior teachers about speaking anxiety in English conversation classrooms among Vietnamese high school students: Causes and solutions.Using Orthographic mapping to improve English pronunciation and spelling for L2Education Policy Research TopicsTeachers should be supported, trained, and paid like professionalsLegislative solutions for DreamersImplications of DACS on higher educationImpacts of DACA on education and training successReducing prison population and corrections spending to invest more in public educationUsing marijuana sales taxes to build schoolsState laws that promote diversity in schoolsCharter school policies and resource allocationAdvanced Placement Credit for college studentsGrant aids and student performancePolicies to prevent loan aversion in educationThe Quality Teacher and Education ActRecent educational reforms in AmericaRole of the state in teacher compensationIs school funding unequal in Latin America?Impacts of State aid on non-traditional studentsSustainability of effective teacher evaluationHigh school exit exams and labor market performanceExternal accountability and student outcomesAccountability policies in Texas high schoolsRole of Federal Government on Adolescent literacy programsImpacts of change of regimes on educational policiesEducation policymaking processRole of parents and teachers in the policymaking processThe Common Core State Standards Initiative PolicyUse of Big Data in school managementInstructional alignment under No Child Left BehindLegislative objectives of Charter SchoolsShould decisions about education resourcing be made at local or state levels?The dilemma between policy and practiceAmerica should borrow from World Bank to fund educationMarket-based and Federalism education policiesThe nexus between education achievement and national economic developmentAdopting Muslim headscarf in French schoolsRole of historians in education policymakingConsequences of detracking policy in JapanDo national standards and assessments improve education?What Next after choosing a good education topic? After reading our list of 200 plus topics about education, you can now decide on what you want to write about. It is one thing selecting a topic and the other, to write about the topic.We suggest that you research further on your chosen topic. As you research, be keen on the angles that various authors take when presenting arguments. Besides, ensure that you use educational journals, textbooks, publications, and other scholarly sources.If you are writing on a trending topic, limit your sources to those published the last 5 years for the currency of information and relevance.Remember to cite every piece of information you borrow lest you be accused of plagiarism. Write your education essay as though you are communicating with various stakeholders. Make it count for it to earn you full marks.If you face issues in writing your essay, let our education writing experts help you. They know everything from teaching philosophies to memos and dissertations or term papers.