Writing an Abortion Research PaperTips to Write a Good Abortion Research PaperAbortion Research Paper OutlineThe Introduction of an Abortion Persuasive EssayThe Body of Abortion EssaysThe Conclusion of an Abortion Term PaperSample Professional Abortion Research PaperOrder Argumentative Essays from ProfessionalsArguably, the topic of abortion is multifaceted and complex. Mostly, the opponents and proponents on the abortion debate argue on its legality, the inhumane nature of procedures done on mothers, medical situations warranting abortion, or whether it is murder.Students are always asked to argue on the topic of abortion through completing an abortion research paper. Without a doubt, writing such papers is nearly difficult and tasking if you do not have a relevant abortion research paper examples.Writing an Abortion Research PaperMostly, you will find yourself between a hard place and a rock trying to figure out how to write an abortion persuasive paper.Indeed, professors like that when handling an abortion paper you write it persuasively. Yes, just like the standard persuasive or argumentative essays.There are steps recommended by our professional essay writers to help write a good argumentative abortion paper.Research and delve on what is the meaning of abortion.Consider the reasons or situations that make individuals resort to abortion.Explore the procedures of abortion.Explore the risks associated with procuring an abortion.You can reference or cite some laws that legalize or allow abortion.Take a stand and defend it with information and facts from credible scholarly essays.You can write an MLA abortion essay or use any other formatting style as directed in the assignment instructions/rubric.Tips to Write a Good Abortion Research PaperWhen writing a persuasive abortion essay ensure you are aware of your stand from your preliminary research.The abortion research paper examples will make you realize that the essays are always 5-paragraph essay format.Most of the abortion argumentative papers are 1000-word essays.Consider and stick to the word count.Have a clear thesis statement for your abortion research paper.Avoid plagiarism at all costs.Consider revising, proofreading, and editing your research paper.Submit the paper in time.Abortion Research Paper OutlineLike the normal essays, your research paper should be divided into introduction, body, and conclusion. Some instances allow you to have an abstract for an abortion research paper.Just be sure to check the instructions of your research paper for abortion. We can always provide abortion essay examples upon your request.The Introduction of an Abortion Persuasive EssayThe Introduction should be informative and have a hook to clip your readers. Be sure to define the terms such as abortion and quote relevant laws. Consider the online dictionary definitions. For this, you could use the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It is meant to provide a background of abortion.Abortion is defined as the termination of pregnancy that leads to the death of the fetus or embryo. It occurs due to induced removal of the fetus or through the automatic deletion of the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy.Your introduction will determine whether or not you get the best grade. It should be written to high precision like the presidential speech. At all costs, avoid plagiarism, it can get you problems than you already have writing a tough abortion paper.It goes without saying that your abortion paper should have a well-crafted thesis statement. Mainly, this comes last in the introductory paragraph. The abortion research paper thesis gives a roadmap of your paper.The Body of Abortion EssaysThe body of your essay should have content that is well supported by using facts. As standard practice, the paragraphs should be divided into topic sentences, the facts and information sentences, and the concluding sentences. Ensure that you use the transition words to create an excellent flowing essay.The body can have topics and subtopics for more natural breakdown and flow. For instance, you could choose to explore reasons for conducting abortion in one subtopic.Some of the common reasons include the state of health of the mother, relationship issues, financial instability, childcare responsibilities, and the health of the child. Be sure to use credible evidence to back up the reasons for conducting an abortion.You can also focus on the pre-procedure, the procedure, and post-procedure occurrences. Some of the occurrences include counseling, patient education, consenting, seeking the right abortion facility, consulting with doctors/obstetricians/gynecologists.The Conclusion of an Abortion Term PaperIn conclusion, you should restate the thesis of your essay. Express your feelings on abortion. Provide some recommendations and give a strange view. For instance, you could focus on the economic viability of abortion or abortion during the feminist movements.Abortion Research paper Examples from the ExpertsOur expert essay writers make us an outstanding essay writing service. Our strength in providing homework solutions to diverse students makes us stand out.Do you have a “do my homework” request? We can help. Well, before then, have a look at our abortion essay sample. Ordinarily, this falls under MLA abortion research paper examples:Sample Professional Abortion Research Paper[Student’s Name][Instructor’s Name][Class Title][Date]Abortion: Why it is wrongIn the United States, the case of Roe v. Wade in 1973 marked a landmark in the legalization of abortion (Major et al. 863). Years later, abortion has become a controversial issue, eliciting public and scholarly debate. Abortion refers to the removal of the fetus or embryo from the uterus leading to either its death or caused by its death (Pourreza and Batebi 31).Pourreza and Batebi further opine that it can either be artificially induced by chemicals and surgical interventions as well as other methods or spontaneous (31). Abortion is a wrong practice as it has unbearable psychological, emotional, and physical effects on the mothers.Abortion has a variety of psychological and emotional effects on mothers. According to Pourreza and Batebi, women who have undergone abortions often have one or a combination of psychological effects such as regret, guilt, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, drug and substance abuse, and smoking (35).Most women suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome characterized by denial, anger, flashbacks, and depression that affects their psychological well-being (Major et al. 866).To illustrate, whenever a woman undergoes an abortion, they develop an unusual sense of feeling and are emotionally deprived. Consequently, a woman might have some psychological effects attached to the stigma associated with being someone who has aborted.By extension, women who secure abortions are perfect candidates of psychological consequences that might affect their lives and that of their dependents. Most convincingly, abortion has a series of psychological effects that are mostly felt by the mothers, making the act wrong.Abortion also has physical impacts on the mothers that pose a risk to their health. According to Stark, abortion is an invasive procedure that might entail either surgery or chemicals. In this case, the chemicals and the tools used in the process risk affecting the uterine walls.For example, the process is associated with hemorrhage, perforations on the uterus, uterine wall infections, and suspended fetal tissues in the mother’s uterus (Stark).Consequently, the mother might develop some long-term effects that risk rendering them infertile. In the worst cases, the abortion process might claim the life of the mother. Stark observes that maternal mortality due to abortion is on the rise due to the associated complications.It is intuitive that even the chemicals being used in the process might affect the other internal organs that are sensitive, thus affecting the health of the mother. In brief, abortion affects the physical well-being of the mothers and might cause either infertility or death. Therefore, abortion is a wrong act as it affects the health of the mother.Nonetheless, abortion that has been rejected on account of its effects and consequences also has strength. Stark argues that a well-planned abortion can reduce both child and maternal mortality.  For example, the life of either the mother or the child might be in danger case in which a medically induced abortion becomes an alternative in saving a life.There are instances when securing an abortion legally becomes defensible as it comes in to avert a bad situation that might accompany the birth of the baby.As an illustration, in cases where the pregnancy is ectopic, and the mother risks losing her life. Furthermore, it also becomes practical when the embryo has an infection or a genetic disorder that might affect its survival.    Of course, abortion is a practice that despite being wrong has a positive side.In the final analysis, abortion is an act that has drawn controversial debate among people. Those who support abortion believe that it is the right of the mother to choose to have an abortion. Abortion is only right when the life of both the mother and the fetus is in danger, the case in which the mother is saved.Nonetheless, it is a heinous act that has psychological, emotional, and physical consequences that extendedly attract social and economic costs. Therefore, abortion is a wrong thing to do, especially, if done without proper consultation with the healthcare professionals.Works CitedMajor, B., Appelbaum, M., Beckman, L., Dutton, M. A., Russo, N. F. and West, C. “Abortion and Mental Health: Evaluating the Evidence.” American Psychologist 64.9 (2009): 863-890. Web. 15 June 2016.Pourreza, Abolghasem, and Aziz Batebi. “Psychological Consequences of Abortion among the Post-Abortion Care Seeking Women in Tehran.” Iranian Journal Psychiatry 6.1 (2011): 31-36. Print.Stark, Paul. “How Abortion Hurts Women | NRL News Today.” Nationalrighttolifenews.org. N.p., 2013. Web. 15 June 2016.Order Argumentative Essays from ProfessionalsThis is a free argumentative essay on abortion. 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